Women Don’t Lie – But They Forge Sexual Harassment?

by Ed Naile

beverly-young-nelson-1113-year-book-exlarge-169Meet two women who thought they could pick the new US Senator from Alabama – with help from the mainstream media and SwamPublicans. Gloria Allred – faux attorney and Beverly Young Nelson, admitted forger.

On Friday, Nelson admitted that she had added “notes” to an inscription that she claimed Moore made in her high school yearbook. She still insists that Moore signed the yearbook, but admitted that some of the writing was hers.

That is textbook forgery

All the left-wing media needs is a hint of something, anything, they can spin into an anti-conservative crusade and off they go, no turning back.

We have seen this show so many times we know it by heart. But, this time the intended victim of Nelson and Allred is not taking it lying down, and with surprising and long-needed results. It could be that they sprung their “November Surprise” too early. I thought this from the start. You would think a smear master like Allred would have known better. She has a long history of ending political careers of conservatives.

When Nelson admitted she had forged part of her stunning yearbook evidence of child molesting, that’s what the media is describing it as she effectively opened the door to the end of Gloria Allred posing as a legitimate lawyer. She also admitted committing forgery – and it involves a US Senate seat.

Let the people in charge move ahead with disbarment and prosecution or be exposed as complicit in Allred’s continuation of a life of slime.

The next shoe to drop will be the high and mighty SwamPublicans in the US Senate who claim they will never work with Senator Moore – but who have no problem associating with Senator Menendez or McCain.

Voters are watching.

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  • Tom F

    And who is really convinced that Ms. Nelson can even remember just what parts she altered, or when she did it – if she did it – or vouch for her veracity? Or what she told Moore when he asked her age – IF they actually met? She, of course, MUST be believed – but everyone else MUST be a liar. Just ask that neutral, unbiased third party, Gloria Allred….. Who’s zoomin’ who?

    • Ed Naile

      There were “reporters” there when she admitted she added (forged) some information to the yearbook.
      And no one asked her when she did it?
      That would be an interesting question wouldn’t it?
      If Moore sues her for this a real analysis of the forgery will be forced on Allred and her current client.
      America deserves this one chance at exposing Allred for doing this election after election.

      • Tom F

        As Sean Hannity has been saying for years, “Journalism is dead!” What EVER happened to “What, When, Where, How, and Why?” So fundamental to the profession, 50 years ago – or more. Now it’s ALL “How does it fit my agenda?”

  • Bruce Currie

    Another lame article from Ed “voter fraud” Naile. Much ado about nothing. That Moore signed Nelson’s yearbook is beyond dispute. That Moore had a predilection for 14-16 year old girls is also beyond dispute. Moore lost because his views and behavior were too much for Alabama’s voters to stomach. Luther Strange would easily have carried the state. Steve Bannon’s and the Groksters’ boy–not so much.

    • Ed Naile

      So how is Bill Clinton – a rapist and pedophile “beyond dispute” held in such high regard by you progressives?
      And why did you want him back in the White House to assault more women?
      I think your double standard of protecting child molesters and rapists is showing – again. Typical liberal.
      Luther Strange lost – that makes me happy.

      • Bruce Currie

        When you can’t deal with the facts–change the subject. WTF does Bill Clinton have to do with the Roy Moore election loss and the fact he’s a sexual predator? Nothing. You’ve merely demonstrated yet again your own cluelessness. But for your information: the Clintons are not “held in high regard” by progressives. Quite the contrary, the DNC and the Clinton machine are reviled by the left, since (among other things) they’re seen as having rigged the primaries against Sanders to pave the way for $Hillary’s coronation.

        • Ed Naile

          I dealt some facts.
          Liberals just supported a woman, for the second time, whose husband was already in the White House and actually assaulted multiple women while “serving” there.
          He has made multiple documented trips to pedophile island with a convicted pedophile and is a known liar.
          But you are peddling a yearbook with forged dates and signatures as proof of something that happened 38 years ago as proof someone is unfit for office.
          But suddenly that is not relevant?
          You are simply a silly little troll with more opinion that brains.
          And the rigging of the Democrat primary – that always happens. The system is set up that way for a reason – just like in New Hampshire’s Democrat Party elections – rigged against anyone but the chosen few.

          • Bruce Currie

            The only “facts” you’ve “dealt” are either irrelevant or false. Moore’s signature in the yearbook has been authenticated. He has a documented pattern of such behavior. You brought Clinton into it because you couldn’t deal with the fact Moore lost. Moore lost because the good voters of Alabama couldn’t stomach a world-class hypocrite. Moore lost in spite of the best efforts of the Alabama GOP to purge its voter rolls, limit access to polling places, and limit access to voter ids. Moore lost because he is manifestly unfit for any public office. And the voters said so.

            And as for being a “troll”: one characteristic of trolls is repeatedly making false and/or misleading claims. I’m sorry to intrude into your echo chamber from time to time, but “false and/or misleading” clearly applies here to you.

          • Ed Naile

            And you blather on about a yearbook the owner admits she altered.
            Try looking up the backgrounds of the accusers your pal Gloria Allred and Washington Post reporters dug up. You exist to post links you like. How about the other women Allred trotted out?
            But lets start with the altered/forged yearbook.
            Why has no one asked the woman WHEN she added the date and other extras onto the yearbook?
            Reporters were in the room. What gives?
            I can deal with the Moore loss as much as you can overstate it.
            Remember troll, the last Democrat to win that seat became a Republican to keep it.

          • Bruce Currie

            You should try re-reading your post. It’s almost entirely “blather” about a yearbook. What little that isn’t blather about a yearbook in the post casts blame on anyone and everyone but the candidate himself for his loss.

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