But will conservatives admit and learn?

John Hawkins‘Grok friend John Hawkins (RightWingNews) has a column over at Townhall on 7 observations he’s learned during the last year.  I’ve put the first one up in its entirety as it shows a massive shift on how a lot of folks on the Right are changing their view on morality and politics simply because the Left wins by ignoring traditional morality altogether – character no longer counts; only winning:

7 Things Conservatives Can Learn From Donald Trump’s First Year in Office

Donald Trump’s election felt like a revolutionary act and love him or hate him, his first year in office has rewritten the rules of the political game. That’s why it’s surprising how little political thinking seems to have shifted. There are some big lessons we can learn from Trump’s first year in office.

1) Conservatives Have Lost Faith That Good Behavior Will Be Rewarded: There was a time when conservatives took great pride in being the sort of people who wouldn’t tolerate a Ted Kennedy, Marion Barry or William Jefferson in their ranks. However, eventually conservatives have started asking a basic question: How does this benefit us? Do we get credit from the American people for being more moral than liberals? Is this helping us to succeed? What’s the pragmatic value of doing the right thing beyond feeling superior to the Left? When conservatives concluded there was no practical value to having high standards, standards declined. A lot. In a hurry. Is that a good thing? No, but when you create a situation where virtue is no longer rewarded, you can’t expect virtuous people to slam their heads into a wall forever.

2) Conservatives Have Lost Faith In The Old Guard Institutions And Personalities

This next one is one that the Left has brought upon themselves.  Having lifted special identity political groups in being their “beacons” (eg., black, brown, red, yellow, LGBTQRSTUV (and all the newest letters), poor, Hollywood, Wall Street, the secular, the socialists, Antifa), why are they so surprised when we decided to do the same thing?  After all, our adoption of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals has worked out fairly well for us as well!

3) We Are More Tribal Than Ever; So We Need To Have The Biggest Tribe

4) Train Wrecks Sell

5) The Mainstream Media Has Lost All Credibility With Much Of The Population

6) The Presidential Soapbox Matters More Than Ever

7) The Republican Establishment is Hopeless and Must Be Replaced

Go read the paragraphs for each – certainly worth your time.