What Book(s) Would You Give?

christmastreeThe recent Granite State Taxpayers party ended with a Yankee swap of the best kind: books, preferably from one’s own bookshelf, on politics or economics. We had an interesting mix by the time all the packages were claimed. Every holiday gathering should end with books for all, as far as I’m concerned.

So, readers, I’m curious: what book or books on broadly-defined political topics would you like to give or receive? What have you found influential or well-written or just plain enjoyable? Serious, satirical (looking at you, P.J. O’Rourke), old, new, famous, obscure – anything goes. You could even make a case for a work of fiction. Name one or two or three titles in the comments. Let’s give each other some ideas for our 2018 reading lists.

What did I bring to the Yankee swap? Founding Brothers by Joseph Ellis. (I have a weakness for biographies.)

Your turn. Let’s see your list.