US House Votes 364-58 Against Impeachment Resolution – who is the NH weasel CongressCritter?

by Skip

Impeach Trump signSteve’s post ended with this thought:

Fifty-Eight Democrats voted for the measure. We’ll have to see if either of Washington’s ambassadors to NH from the House sided with the minority or did what leadership told them to do.

Teamwork, baby!  To help Steve out, I went out and got the info and my, who turned out to be the weasel:

  • Annie Kuster: voted yes to the motion to table the motion to impeach
  • Carol Shea-Porter: voted “Present

Kuster fell in line with Pelosi (“Now is not the time” – she waiting for Democrats to retake control of the US House in 2018) AND acted to protect her re-election bid that’s coming up; that’s understandable.  But what the heck’s with Shea-Porter?  She not running, safely ensconced with her Congressional retirement – why “Present“??  Frankly, this was a dodge vote that she didn’t have to make.  With her retirement announcement, she now has the ability to be the Progressive she is and let it all fly.  If she had voted “no” (and by proxy, voting YES to impeach Trump), she would have left a solid “track Left” and better burnish her Progressive street cred as a Left icon and “wise lady” (cough cough, ahem) for future gigs to speak to Progressive groups (with honorariums, I bet).

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  • Ed Naile

    Shouldn’t Che-Porker have voted “present, but not for long” to be truthful?

  • Radical Moderate

    So..I can only imagine when the majority of NH citizens were petitioning to investigate whether Oblamer was a “naturalized” American citizen or examine his birth certificate none of these Leftist vermin wanted to hear it, even in the face of all the evidence that existed because of the documented movements of his parents.
    But now, when these vile Leftist weasels want us to listen to them it’s a different story altogether.
    Well all I have to say (with respect to GG) is go to Hades!


    If she truly wanted to follow the example of her idol, as Mr. Naile suggested, then she would have done as he (Obama) did during his years in the Senate by voting present. It was seemingly good enough for the Democrats to elect him president (twice).

  • Jim Johnson

    Shea Porter never had the fortitude or ability to articulate political beliefs.
    In way over her head.

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