UN Inspectors Are Back

Homeless man on September 10, 2013 in New York City.Finally, after the US spending 20 trillion dollars on “The War on Poverty” with little to nothing but a huge entitlement industry to show for it – here comes a United Nations expert to help us out.

Individuals who used to be in mental institutions now live on the streets, thanks to progressive’s complaints of past abuse, and the results are here for the United Nations to inspect.

Affordable housing is something we need experts to come up with because experts have planned and zoned housing into a privilege set aside for the rich and property speculators.

We have veterans who have been abandoned and abused by the Veterans Administration despite billions in spending.

Our current welfare system is more like a velvet trap which has ensnared whole generations of people. Families are not families but are casual associations designed to collect more from the system so no one works. Children see this and suffer the same fate as they grow up.

The courts treat divorce like an industry – and so it has become. Broken families cost everyone. Sit in any courtroom for a day and watch divorce play out in case after case.

Instead of a story about how President Trump has caused all this I would have liked to see, and have yet to see in any story about poverty in America, the complete, true, unvarnished history of the person suffering. What choices did each one make to wind up on a street corner in a city far from home? Who did they leave behind? Where are their friends and family?

But the United Nations certainly has an answer for this. They can observe it all from that tower in New York.

I wonder how they let it get so bad right under their nose.

Ed is a long time local activist and the Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers (CNHT).