Trump’s Many Accomplishments in his First Year

by Scott Morales



It seems like just fifteen minutes ago people were saying that Trump’s first year in office is going to be a bust because he would not have accomplished signing any piece of major legislation into law. And in light of how repealing ObamaCare was handled with all the cunning and deft maneuvers we’ve come to expect from a beleaguered Republican lead Congress, one could reasonably expect that the same band of foot-stomping, droolers couldn’t get tax reform passed either. Well, they did. And it includes a major blow to ObamaCare. So the passage of this tax bill will change that perception. But even without it, he has done a lot of repair to the damage Obama inflicted on the country. Below is Hugh Hewitt’s list (reformatted with my notes in italics):

Legislative and regulative record of Trump’s first year in office:
* Massive tax bill and Obamacare mandate repeal,
* #NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act)
* VA reform
* #ParisAgreement w/drawal
* #WOTUS rewrite (Waters of the United States)
* #cleanpowerplan rewrite
* net neutrality repeal
* 14 #CRA laws (Refers the Congressional Review Act to obliterate 14 Obama-era regulations)
* Justice Gorsuch and a dozen fed appeals judges…

and that doesn’t even include decisive defeat of ISIS in Syria/Iraq, cruise missile attack in Syria, the best national security team since Reagan.  Amazing year on the substance even if you hate the noise and the Tweets

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He’s got a point. I’m not a Trump guy, but I’m okay with many of the items on that list. Good year. Weird year, but good year.

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  • Kathleen LaBonte

    Great post Scott – especially for “not a Trump guy!” It just goes to show one can hold their nose about Trump, and still be fair and balanced.

  • Bryan W

    I didn’t vote for Trump – I voted against Hillary, and that meant Trump. I wasn’t happy about it, but that was the choice we were left with.

    Looking at the list, I am pleasantly surprised.

    However, if Trump and the idiots down the street don’t get to the core promises (immigration, trade, infrastructure, building a wall), it will be a bloodbath in 2018 for the idiots down the street.

    I’m not at all happy about sinking more borrowed fed dollars for infrastructure (what happened to the 900 Billion from Obama’s first term? Only thing I’ve seen is a train off the tracks over I-5), but I’ll take it if we get the other three (we can always cut it later). But the other three things? there is no excuse for not doing something to clean them up.

    It all comes down to the idiots in the House and the Senate. They have shown since before the election they cannot be trusted. We must remove the swamp rats we have control over.

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