Notable Quote – Keven Williamson

Nobody in Washington understands what it takes to make an iPhone or a pound of upland cotton, but they do know how to get in the way, how to hold up one hand and say “No!” while holding out the other hand and saying “Pay!”

There are a few necessary conditions for prosperity: peace, property rights, stable and reasonably accountable government, good courts, effective education, etc. Those are necessary but not sufficient. The secret sauce is neglect — benign neglect, the willingness to trust people and let them alone to see what they can do, to let them try new things and fail nine times out of ten, even if trusting people means letting them reach across a border or two and cooperate with the nefarious Canadians or the Indians or the Chinese or the Mexicans.

-Kevin Williamson (writer, columnist, speaker)

In other words: Govt butt out!

Oh, and this as well from his NR article (nice line, and true):   The notable thing about the technology economy is that it is a peerless machine for turning intelligence into money.

(H/T: National Review via Hot Air)