Notable Quote – James Coolidge Carter

by Skip

This power [of the state] operating externally protects society against its enemies; its function in its internal operation is to ensure the enforcement of law, that is of custom, and, so long as it confines itself to its true province, to make still more clear those boundary lines of individual action the observance of which is the supreme guaranty of Liberty. Any law which has an effect beyond that of maintaining these lines, is by so much an encroachment upon just liberty, and as that liberty is the choicest of blessings so that encroachment is the worst of woes; and whether it is made by the decree of an absolute monarch or by the regular enactment of the legislature of a democratic government, is, alike in either case, what we denominate by the word Tyranny.

-James Coolidge Carter ( Law: Its Origin, Growth and Function)

(H/T: Cafe Hayek)

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  • Kathleen LaBonte

    Hi Skip,
    Hope you have a good dossier on Jones up your sleeve for me to use to counter all the hearts and hugs going his way.

  • mrwonderful

    AMEN! THANK GOD! Roy Moore is a racist bigot. Who else but a racist bigot would say that the last time America was great was during the slavery era? Who else but a racist bigot would trot out his wife to counter claims that he’s an anti-semite by saying, “we’re not anti-semitic: one of our attorneys is a Jew.” ? And yes – that wasn’t off-the-cuff – those idiots actually CRAFTED that response LOL! Who else but a racist bigot would want to do away with every Amendment after #10? Who else but a racist bigot would suggest that Muslims don’t have a right to run for elected office? Who else but a racist bigot would have one of his supporters go on Jake Tapper’s show and try to explain that last belief using the “fact” that people have to “swear on the bible” and then to have Tapper make him look like the knuckle-dragging, drooling braindead stooge that he is by proving that he doesn’t even know the rules of swearing in a person to elected office in his own country? Moore lost fair and square. Get over it.

    • Catherine

      Well, since the only way the Left can get over anything is through violence, riots, threats, calls for resistance, hashtags, anything but actually…getting over it, I can see why you’d be concerned the Right wouldn’t get over something. Don’t worry, we know how to be adults. From what I gather, this isn’t so much a Democrat win that illustrates the new direction of the country, but a Republican loss that shows how desperate the main party is to stay in power, country be derned. Nothing new here.

      • mrwonderful

        Says a person who probably supports Trump . . . LMFAO!

        • Ed Naile

          Says a person who supports the disbarred, serial rapists Russian colluding wife.
          And the NH US Senator who’s husband’s “elite” school covered up child molesting – still is.
          And the Kennedy’s.

          • mrwonderful

            Dude – I ABHOR Hillary (or, if you prefer, Shillary, or Killary.) I’ve NEVER supported her – NEVER voted for her. Get your facts straight! As for Hassan – I voted AGAINST her when she ran for Senate. I admired Senator Ayotte and ALWAYS voted for her. And the Kennedy’s first of all I don’t live in Mass . . . secondly, how old do you think I am? Is it easier for you to disagree with me if you paint me as something I’m not?

          • Ed Naile

            You couldn’t get through a sentence without calling someone a bigot, racist, ant-semite, and on and on.
            That is the hallmark of a progressive.
            And you hate Trump
            1+1= you are a lefty.
            Deal with it.

          • Bruce Currie

            You mean those terms don’t apply to Trump? There’s ample evidence from the campaign, and his business career, that they do.

    • Ed Naile

      I’m over it already.
      Still happy Luther Strange lost, me being an anti-McConnell guy.
      Democrats have to hand it to Gloria Allred – again.
      I hope Franken is happy too.

    • Radical Moderate

      Moore will be out in less than 6 months when they reveal the sexual harassment allegations that manifest against him. They will be forced to have another election.
      Watch and see.

  • Bruce Currie

    Huh. Who woulda thought there’d be voter fraud in Alabama too? Ed, along with Kris Kobach and Hans van Spakovsky, is surely already on his way down to uncover the Democrat dirt. Illegals and out-of-state voters were the difference. There can be no other explanation.

    • Bryan W

      Roll an 8 or higher!!! Roll an 8 or higher!!!!

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