Notable Quote – Chan Eddy

by Skip

On the Cultural Marxism that is known as “diversity”:

All of the crap about ‘diversity”, be it cultural/racial/sexual and the whole list of other ‘diverse’ pigeonholes the Progressives have created, has been pushed so hard as a means of tearing people apart by making everyone a victim, except for white heterosexual males of course. We are the eternal oppressors, the boogeyman that the Progressives need to stir up divisiveness and, dare I say, hatred among the various newly defined victim groups.

How any of this is supposed to make things better totally escapes me. It doesn’t. It merely creates more suspicion, more prejudice, more hatred, all in the name of fixing some problem that hasn’t really existed except in small pockets here and there. Now it’s everywhere.

-Chan Eddy (Weekend Pundit)

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  • Tom F

    Here’s how it “helps:” They hope that by destroying the current social fabric, they can weaken the country enough for them to get control. So they seek chaos, to become the mob promising to end the chaos. Been done before – Marx/Lenin/Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, and many more before them. Should they be allowed to succeed EVERYONE will be victims – just as it always has happened before.

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