New Hampshire Democrats vs. Freezing Weather

by Steve MacDonald

Temperature forcast

The Democrat’s unwavering commitment and dedication to an environmental policy that promotes wind and solar energy over fossil fuels could mean that many of them will freeze to death over the next week.

Please say a prayer for them, even though they’d make fun of you for doing it.

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  • Bill Fortune

    Don’t blame the Dems. for their support of wind/solar ! Jeb Bradley has been on NHPR saying that “solar is the way of the future”. The Republicans gave UNH $162 million and during the SB-125 hearings they had 150 pages arguing that the only solution is solar !
    I gave about 14 pages of testimony arguing how the Greens/UNH/others are misleading the public and what the alternative is to “alternatives”, how to put the Greens out of business and how to reduce the electric rates to about 6 cents.
    Chairman Senator Avard thought it was funny (ha, ha, ha funny) that someone would try and represent the general public. They even refused to let me testify in the order in which we signed in; a small group based in CA was heard first and they refused to publish my comments. Avard apparently didn’t even listen or read my proposal.
    Note that the committee proposed to keep supporting solar and all the other stupid programs that is where the real cost of electricity is.
    You don’t need to say prayers for the Democrats, they are smarter than the Republicans. They keep Republicans arguing about GW/CC while they get people to pay for their scams; smarter because they get Jeb Bradley to run and get elected as a Republican; smarter because they get Senate Leadership to put Bradley on Sci. Technology and Energy Committee when about the only thing he knows is the sports scores; smarter because they get the Republicans to follow him, along with UNH and others like NH Sustainability Ass. ; smarter because the Democrats have a plan & convince the public while the Republicans are mute. (arguing for more gas and oil is not a “plan” that will/can put the Democrats out of business)
    Maybe Republicans can out smart the Democrats by giving more money to the Party.

  • Oskar

    Yes, we are all going to die if we get our electricity from solar panels and store it in big batteries! Or so would us the fossil fuel industry want to believe.

    Yes, there are millions of people out there still using fossil fuels to keep themselves warm, like there were millions of people using coal to heat their homes a hundred years ago. But time has moved on – and technology with it.

    Now solar energy plus storage is cheaper than coal – and much cheaper than any other form of energy once upscaled in production.

    Naturally this is not in the interest of fossil fuel companies who have run this country more or less for than a hundred years. These people are responsible for wars in Middle East, terrorism and environmental destruction on a large scale and spend millions of dollars to propagate climate change denial.

    There should be one public hearing of “climate denial scientists” where they should get the chance to show their data – it will be easy enough to debunk their fake “results” – and from then on their debunked arguments should not be allowed to be published anywhere any more. The same should be done with “findings” of the tobacco industry about the question if smoking was healthy and with creationist arguments.

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