Evergreen Headline – always seems that with a Republican President…

by Skip

Homeless man on September 10, 2013 in New York City.

we see headlines like this:

Report: Numbers of homeless people in NH on the rise

Put in your own State or city name for “NH” and it will fit.  I wonder when we’ll start seeing the anti-war / peace protesters coming out of the woodwork?  I know in Laconia, the peaceniks that were downtown every Saturday during the last Bush administration quickly vanished once Obama was inaugurated. No, I’m not belittling the situation but it just seems so cyclic based on what Party holds the Oval Office.

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  • Bryan W

    I agree that it only seems to be an issue when it can be used as a club.

    But I am seeing some behavior that indicates to me that the homeless problem is only going to get worse. Consider:
    1) Refugees – they do need to live somewhere
    2) Immigrants – legal and illegal – also need to live somewhere
    3) Veterans – the real tragedy here.
    4) The jobs that used to be plentiful in NH to pay for starter and lower-mid level housing are not there anymore. In order to sell, the current owners are sprucing them up – updated kitchens, furnaces, and layout. This puts the housing into the next tier.
    5) Those in their 20’s and early 30’s are not buying homes they way their parents did. One large factor is that they are not having kids, and a second factor is they do not want to do maintenance. As a consequence of these two factors, they are looking for lofts, condos, and townhomes. The demand is causing some apartment/rental units and some former mill space being converted to condos.
    6) The 20’s and 30’s folks are getting married later, if at all, and are holding off on kids. This also reduces the demand on homes with lawns and family neighborhoods.
    7) In Manchester in particular, there are several schools that have moved there for various professions. Example: Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Services has moved into the Millyard, and we are seeing young marrieds and singles with Bachelor degrees come in, using debt, and they want to rent 2 to 3 bedroom homes/apartments for the year they are here for as little as possible.

    This is not to say that there isn’t demand for the higher level homes – there is, but what it does mean is that the demand for lower income housing has ballooned. People are being displaced – people that depend on the bus system to get around. Unless they do something to increase their income, they will be forced to move. Some will find they have nowhere to go.

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