Democrat Politician Gets 5 Years in Prison for Fraud

by Steve MacDonald

Corrine Brown with HillaryWe haven’t mentioned Democrat Congresswoman Corrine Brown in a while (seven years), but it’s time to bring her back. The former Democrat congressperson and member of the Socialist Party of America is going to jail.

Former Rep. Corrine Brown was sentenced to five years in prison and three years probation Monday after being found guilty of fraud earlier this year, the Florida Times-Union reported.

Brown, Florida Democrat, was charged with supporting a charity fund for poor students that she then used for personal purposes, and lying on her tax returns.

She was convicted in May after two former aides accepted plea deals in return for testifying against her.

The Socialist Party Member and convict is reported to have also been a Hillary Clinton Superdelegate.

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  • A tax exempt “charitable fund”, fed by donations, “for the children”, fungibly “managed” by a progressive Socialist Democrat?
    “Friend” of the Clintons?
    I wonder what her “rental” real estate holdings look like.
    I wonder what her “official expenses” account looks like.

  • Bruce Currie

    As usual, GG is playing fast and loose with the facts here, in its endless efforts to disparage those who hold progressive views as subversive with the red/ “S’/ Marxist labels.

    • granitegrok

      So, to plaigarize a question that has become famous: what’s the difference between a Progressive and a Socialist? Both certainly wish to have The State making most of life’s decisions for us and I have seen no small number of Progressives call for nationalizing any number of industries.

      • Ed Naile

        So what was the United Soviet Socialist Republic?
        Apparently they were not communists?
        Laughable non-sense.
        Castro was a freedom fighter until he took power – then the Marxist popped out.
        A socialist is a communist, Marxist, Leninist, Maoist, communitarian, progressive, liberal, with only slight modifications as required to assume power.
        Why even argue the point any longer. We teach this stuff to kids in public schools and colleges.

        • Domiciled

          I thought the public schools were failing everyone?

    • sb

      That link only addresses how they are registered and if they ever “registered” with the Socialist Party. Completely irrelevant and that is not the issue. I was a registered Democrat for most of my adult life but that doesn’t mean I espouse those views. I am, and always have been, conservative. Or more accurately, I’ll borrow Steve’s term “conservatarian”. As everyone on this site has said more than once, the letter after your name means nothing anymore.

      So I would be interested in your answer to Skip’s question below, as well. What is the difference between what the current Democrat party is trying to do versus socialism?

      • mer

        “If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and craps like a duck”….

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