Data Point – Reality setting in?

The nationwide survey by YouGov shows that only 29% of Americans now say life is fair, down from 38% in December of 2016. And, while Republicans are more likely than Democrats to view life as fair, both saw a drop in optimism since last year.

“Life Is Fair”:

  • Republicans: 39%, Down from 47%
  • Democrats: 26%, Down 34%

Total: 29%, Down from 38%.  Likewise, a smaller percentage of both Democrats and Republicans now say life “should” be fair. Overall, 55% of Americans believe it should, down from 63% in 2016 – and one in five (20%) said “Life shouldn’t be fair” – while 25% weren’t sure.

“Life SHOULD Be Fair”:

  • Republicans: 45%, Down from 58%
  • Democrats: 63%, Down from 70%

Total: 55%, Down from 63%.  In 2016, those earning over $80,000 were the most likely to say life was fair (50%), but that fell to only 31% in 2017. This year, less than a third of Americans of any income level studied by YouGov say life is fair.

It isn’t and anyone who believes it should be (or demands that someone else make it fair) is delusional. Life never made a promise to anyone at any time.

(H/T: CNSNews)