Data Point – Economy may hit 3.9% GDP rise this quarter??

by Skip

New York Fed Now Projects 3.9% GDP Growth in Fourth Quarter…

Another week – another set of weekly economic data – another upward forecast of anticipated 4th Quarter GDP growth.  Two weeks ago the Fed raised the 4th quarter growth projection to 3.2%. Last Week they revised that up to 3.8%. This week they have revised it upward again to 3.93%

Remember, just a little while ago all of the Wise Men in the Obama Inner and Outer courts were telling us all to get used to this “new normal” of less than 2%?  We were told that we could NEVER duplicate the faster paced US economies (re: Reagan) – times had changed. Thus far, these last three quarters have been 3% or better.  Trump made a promise that he’d raise the economy to 4 to 5%.  If the newest Fed prediction is right, that’s more than twice the average of the Obama years. Then it remains to be seen if it stays there.

(H/T: Conservative Treehouse)

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