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by Skip

“I asked if he is a feminist. ‘Of course,’ he said. ‘The opposite of feminism is ignorance.'”

Believe as I do or you and your opinion aren’t even worth considering. There is no discussion after that (and that IS the intent) and there can be no compromise.  In this, it is like militant Islam – convert or die.  And yes, his phrase is the intellectual equivalent; there can be no dissent.

This may sound quite odd but when looking at a line like that, I’m glad folks like Bruce Currie (and sometimes Mrwonderful – heh!) come around to comment.

Go read the post at the link.

(H/T: Ann Althouse)

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  • allen

    my grandfather used to tell me “ignorance is curable, stupid is terminal. if you’re ignorant, there is no shame in it, it just means no one told you. stupid means we can tell you all day and you still won’t get “don’t stick a fork in the wall socket”. ”

    the opposite of feminism is called “the real world”. sure, you may not live in it..but that doesn’t make it any less real.

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