Voter Fraud In Philly – Again

Image c/o Hot Air

Four election officials in Black Panther friendly Philadelphia are charged with election law violations = voter fraud. Yes, we can call it that!

The scheme was simple. All the alleged election officials had to do was intimidate any of the 5% of the voters in that district who were not Democrats/minorities or switch their votes to a more appropriate one.

When I saw this story the first dirtbag that came to mind was our old, fat, pal, Attorney Jared Steven Cram.

You remember Jared. CNHT bagged him voting in Philadelphia and in Wilton, NH. His local friends defended him, and the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court Attorney Review Board held a hearing on the detailed complaint I filed with them. Jared had to attend and defend himself. Their ruling was something about Pa. not having to enforce NH election laws. I guess they don’t enforce their own either by reprimanding a scum bag double state voter.

Oh well. Street Justice is always available. Here is an example.

Jared is so smart he is a member of MENSA International!!!

If you want to look up a website regarding his mental brilliance, have a look and a laugh.

Jared was, not that long ago, an election official in Philly. Now does that surprise you?

Ed is a long time local activist and the Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers (CNHT).