The End of the Arctic?

ArcticIceFreeBy2015_shadow-1-1024x678We should be thankful…that a majority of people outside the bubbled-elite do not regularly buy into the weaponized fear-mongering of climate alarmists like this turkey. He, like many other enlightened scribblers reporting the words of “Experts™,” have been wrong about more things more times than we can count. But that doesn’t stop them from trying.

I’ve been rereading Orwell’s Animal Farm, and I can’t stop laughing every time Squealer comes out to remind the other animals of the history they are supposed to remember. He talks over known truths with calculated lies. He reinforces those lies through repetition and an air of superiority–couched in a culture of fear and intimidation.

We know better, and you know we know better, or else.

When the animals look at the commandments on the barn wall, the words seem different. The pigs have been altering them in secret–and the other animals can’t quite remember what they used to say. And maybe it is better if they don’t remember. Perhaps it is best if they remember them as they appear now.

We hear something similar from Experts™ who keep tweaking the temperature record because it’s not quite right. “Scientists” colluding to hide contrary truths, preventing the publication of peer-reviewed work of a contradictory nature. Even invoking the force of law (letting loose Napolean’s dogs) to silence those who refuse to agree to agree.

That reminds me of Antifa, banning flags, destroying statues, reimagining what words mean, the modern campus culture (orchestrated by the Experts™) that is trying to stop any speech that might spark an idle mind to considerations outside the approved narratives.

The climate cult may not be the worst of these, but it is close. They and their liberal political money-launderers are living a life in Mr. Jones farmhouse contrary to the one they demand from the rest of us.

The political experiment requires the constraints a belief in Man-Made Global Warming would bring to the general population and the power it would grant to the Experts™.

Events are sold as cataclysmic, and proof of both their predictions and remedies.

Back in 2012 when the Petermann Glacier calved a mass four times the size of Manhatten. It was a sign from the Climate gods (and wasn’t 2012 one of those years the Experts™ predicted would deliver an ice-free Arctic?). Our doom was nigh. Fast forward nearly six years and not one of those years has produced the ice-free apocalypse foretold.

And in truth, the Petermann glacier has grown steadily despite the prognostication, news you might be surprised to hear since none of the Experts™ is reporting it.

Instead, you get scary graphics, one-sided proselytizing, and predictions of an encroaching climate cataclysm. It’s coming. And it is.

The Petermann glacier will calve again, probably in an epic manner because that’s what it does. But when it does will the Experts™ remind us that after 2012 this bellwether grew steadily?

They never reported it, so it never happened. They stuck to the script, ignored inconvenient observations, deflected refutations, and toed the approved narrative.

Past contradictions, ancient history, was not the revealed truth we once thought. Only what they say now matters.

Should the Petermann Glacier fail to provide, it will go quietly into that good night. Stories told will become dead links as the Experts™ question our memory of past events in lieu of the present and the promised future. And the wrong memories will be challenged, shouted down, or perhaps silenced.

Our only salvation is to pay heavy tribute to the climate gods (government), for only they–by regulating every aspect of civil society at great but necessary expense–can prevent the end of life on earth as we know it.

They’ve been planning it in Farmer Jones’ house for years, living in comfort and excess at your expense. Because without well cared for Experts™ the whole of humanity would suffer a worse fate.

Worse than what? You are not encouraged to recall.

Update: Thanks to a reader for a correction. I wrote 1984 when I meant Animal Farm. Much appreciated.

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