We Talked Among Giants

girard-at-large-logo-p300-2011-trans (1)Rich Girard’s radio program saw its final broadcast last Friday. That is too bad but is pretty normal for talk radio. Shows come and go. But this one is a great loss, especially for Manchester, NH.

Rich, kindly let me dominate 20 minutes of his program every Wednesday mornings from 6:40 – 7:00 am. This went on for four years. Luckily, NH has enough voter fraud to fill any program. And we did – happily.

Here is my first show August 7, 2013

I have not changed my story – NH has not come close to stemming voter fraud.

Rich Girard has not gone away he is just taking a well-deserved break. There is always a place for real journalism.

Ed is a long time local activist and the Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers (CNHT).