We Talked Among Giants

by Ed Naile

girard-at-large-logo-p300-2011-trans (1)Rich Girard’s radio program saw its final broadcast last Friday. That is too bad but is pretty normal for talk radio. Shows come and go. But this one is a great loss, especially for Manchester, NH.

Rich, kindly let me dominate 20 minutes of his program every Wednesday mornings from 6:40 – 7:00 am. This went on for four years. Luckily, NH has enough voter fraud to fill any program. And we did – happily.

Here is my first show August 7, 2013

I have not changed my story – NH has not come close to stemming voter fraud.

Rich Girard has not gone away he is just taking a well-deserved break. There is always a place for real journalism.

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  • allen

    there is a real gap in NH for talk radio. somehow NPR stations seem to cover the whole state, but from Hampstead to Manchester I have to switch stations 3 times, so I never get to listen to a whole show.

    • Ed Naile

      NPR has what I refer to as a monopoly on stations.
      You let them have non-profit status and they gobble up everything.
      They cover Vermont, Maine, and Ma.
      Its a big money deal.

      • allen

        so there isn’t enough money to get a station powerful enough to cover most of NH? I can get boston stations like WRKO as far north as concord. why can’t we get a NH station with just as much power?

        I picked up boston NPR stations up in Lincoln this summer with zero static at all. we’re doing something wrong…I’m not an expert on AM or FM radio stations and the regulations they put on them..but something is fishy here.

        • Radical Moderate

          I have been saying the same thing about the need for Conservative talk radio in NH since I started posting on GG.
          Here is my idea:
          What needs to happen is for all the NH Conservative voices that have websites (like GG crew, Kim M.and others) as well as terrestrial radio voices like Rich Girard to unify and crowd fund ownership of a station, where even any commenters that are approved by the founding members could take turns jockeying the station which would be based on their level of monthly funding. We also need to approach people like Steve Bannon, Ann Coulter, the Koch Brothers, etc. and ask if they would each commit to funding it with a small amount on a monthly basis which would grant them each a percentage of air time if they want it for whatever they want to with it.
          They all know NH is fast becoming a battleground state so it would be a jewel in their crowns to push NH firmly back into the red. Just think of the appeal this would have to these people given the vote fraud investigation going on here.
          Now is the time.

          • allen

            a damn fine plan. we should look at other people who live in NH like Mark Steyn.

            ok soo…how do we make this happen? I’m game, is there a station ripe for takeover, where we can boost the signal or do repeaters like 610am/96.7fm WQSO does or are we starting from scratch?

          • Radical Moderate

            I don’t want to give the impression that I have any idea if the crew at GG, CNHT or Rich would have any desire to initiate a project like this. I would sincerely hope they do, but I’m not in their shoes, but I hope they all know the support they have out here.
            Great call on Steyn, I forgot about him living in NH. I would think that Rich Girard would have the best handle on the status of NH radio stations. One of the major benefits about having people like Bannon, Steyn, Coulter, etc would be the advice they could offer about the mechanisms behind the scenes of national radio media.

          • Ed Naile

            Running a talk radio program will suck the life out of you.
            You have to sell ads – and collect the $.
            Unless you have wealthy benefactors and help from taxpayers, a regular source of income is tough.
            Look where NHNPR gets it funds:
            Even non-profits even have extra cash on hand for NHNPR.
            The listener base is almost all college grads so they think the same way and the news is targeted to them – liberal.
            A conservative program would touch on subjects NHNPR could not. That makes enemies and the libs will target conservative advertisers.
            Its a tough business.

          • Radial Moderate

            Understood Ed.
            That’s why I was suggesting a combination of benefactors and crowd sourcing as a way to sidestep the need for commercial buys.
            Its is very frustrating for those of us that grew up wit talk radio, like Jerry Williams, Gene Burns and David Brudnoy to name a few that originated in Massachusetts. They got me hooked on AM talk radio and it is where a young Radical Moderate heard about Libertarianism, not that I am an adherant but it made me aware that there was something else besides R’s and D’s. All of these radio personalities had a political impact in Mass. Even though Mass. eventually turned Blue they held the tide back to make it later rather than sooner.
            It’s just a darn shame that with such a large Conservative base in NH we have no one to champion our cause against the Leftist propaganda mill at NHPR.

          • granitegrok

            Hourly costs are between $200 (small station) and close to $400. That’s per hour and depending on the contract, you do NOT get all the ad time during the show (station keeps some back based on THEIR contracts). You also have to make sure that you get to keep the Intellectual Property rights as well.

            It also takes hours beforehand to prep and hours afterwards for post processing (e.g., putting it up all over). And that’s just for one station. Wanna string a bunch of stations? There is no scaling for costing unless you are a BIG hit and stations are demanding your show.

            If I were to win Powerball….’cause I have no rich relatives….

          • sb

            I think it is a fantastic idea. I’m willing to help out, too!

            (Just remember some of us live in central or northern NH!)

          • Radical Moderate

            I’m no radio expert by any means but I do know that many people on main stream radio broadcast right from their own homes.

          • granitegrok

            Dedicated ISDN or T1 lines for voice quality (normal landlines don’t work as well) – add in a few hundred bucks / month for that .outside of the equipment that ties in your audio / video stream to the “mother ship”.

          • allen

            I was listening to a computer-talk radio show today and one of the contributors does his hour or so from germany over skype. audio quality was actually better than the guy running the show in the studio.

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