Tales from the BudComm: talk, talk, talk, talk….Let’s play hide the PBX, shall we? Part 1

pbx switchboard

Well, I’m back on my hamlet’s Budget Committee and we are now going over the town budget with the school district’s budget right behind it. Arguably, it is the most powerful committee/commission/entity  in what is known as an “SB2 town” where SB2 stands for Senate Bill 2 – the legislation pass a few years back that created the ability for a town to swap out the traditional NH Town hall voting to one that splits the deliberative session and a ballot voting process.

My town also adopted the formal Budget Committee that came with it. The Town Selectmen must present their budget to us. The School Board has to present theirs as well. We deliberate, change it (or not), and then present both budgets to the townsfolk (not the Selectmen or the School Board) for deliberation/voting.

We are the last line of defense for the taxpayers. And an issue showed up two weeks ago on the Town side.

IMHO, they tried to pull to act like the School Board. Many of us don’t trust our School Board – over and over again they try to act as a law unto themselves and the count on the usual BudComm turnover (or “Schoolies” on the BudComm) to play cover for them. You know, like the Mainstream Media and Progressive sycophants did for the Progressive/Democrat sexual pervs did for years until the dam finally burst.

The process that we follow is to sign up for a subcommittee to meet with the department heads to discuss their parts of the budget and then report back to the assembled full BudComm. Well, there was an “interesting” line item in the Town Admin:

BudComm 2017 The non-existent PBX system

Click to embiggen but the two cells that were of interest to me and set off a big red flag – the PBX that was there and then disappeared. And then there was this line item:

BudComm 2017 Admin telephone charges

This line item, duplicated for each department, are those charges apportioned by actual costs and the number of lines in each department.

And then I asked, “WHY did that 25 grand go poof – and why do the line items seem to be a tad high”?

To be continued.

by Skip

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