A Soft Landing For “Pantsuit One”

hillary-clinton-pantsuit-technicolor-pantsuitThe DNC was gullible enough to let a Clinton take control of their financial operations and hiring. So why are they now acting like it was a bad thing? You could say the DNC got what was coming to them because they wanted the dirty Clinton money to pay off the lazy Obama debt. “Mr. Self-Centered” had little use for the DNC after posing as president for eight years.

What could possibly be in store for Crooked Hillary now that her political career of dodging indictments is over?

How about a position in a college, a wealthy university, for the would-be President of The United States? She couldn’t pull off getting elected President with a billion dollars, fake polls, and a sycophant media. Her chances of getting another chance are being taken apart right now by the people she would need the most – lefty Democrats.

I can only see one alternative for a genius woman of Wellesley – run a wealthy, elite college. Moth, meet flame.

Some colleges have banked billions by luring suckers into making foolish student loan “investments.” The tobacco companies probably envy the success rate of college loan addiction. Lured by fake grades in high school and the promise of big- pay, little-work careers, all that is sure at the end of the scam is a lifetime of repaying student loans.

This is a perfect match for someone of Hillary’s skill set – promise, lie, steal, cheat – repeat. And no heavy mental lifting. In the world of higher education, one can blather on for hours, dodging in and out of comprehension, just like a US Senator or political candidate.

And if my idea for a future career for Crooked Hillary isn’t enough to persuade anyone, just look to Mrs. Bernie Sanders for an example of how easy it is to run a college.

Or Crooked Hillary could start accepting speaking fees and see how that goes.