Self-induced harm

by Skip


It’s their own fault and they’ve done it to themselves.  What’s worse, they hate the idea of being held accountable, in ANY way, for reducing their taxpayers to being just ATM machines.  In that they are doing a great job because it’s not like they are solving their real problems (e.g., wanting to spend $60 Billion on a high speed choo-choo to nowhere when they can’t even keep their road or education systems in decent shapes).

On another note, as the Republicans continue on with tax reform (yeah, let’s see if these Congressional nitwits can get ANYthing done), has anyone noticed how often they say that they can’t do this, or can’t do that, or say this is the ONLY way we can do it because we can’t enlarge the national debt (their own rules say by more than $1.5 Trillion)?

And has anyone else noticed that NONE of those twits have even mentioned “hey, how about cutting some of the Government?“.  Wouldn’t that be rather easy to do?  After all, they do have a $4Trillion target in front of them (how much the Fed Government costs) and this year will be running nearer to a $1 Trillion annual debt again?

It just seems that they are only going through the motions and nibbling solely around the edges.  Sure, growth, substantial growth, can help with a lot of financial problems but for all of their blowhard-ness, the Republicans are only showing that thing that irks us a LOT:

Vote for us – we’ll manage it better!

Yeah…, no, you’re not.  I don’t think you can.  Frankly, I don’t think you want to, Jr. Partners of the DC UniParty.

(H/T: Powerline)

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  • Tom Ford

    $60 Billion for Moonbeam’s High-Speed train? Dream on – that’s just for starters; by the time they get through acquiring right-of-way and equipment, that will seem like pocket change. Then they’ll need lots of money to try to convince people to ride it – instead of airplanes. Can you say, “Heavy subsidies?” Watch for California debt to rise like the Phoenix.

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