Where do Democrat Candidates in Manchester Election Stand on These Issues?

Manchester City Hall (photo by Billy Hathorn [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons)
Manchester City Hall (photo by Billy Hathorn [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons)
There are a lot of elections tomorrow, most of them not in New Hampshire, but of those in the Granite State the municipal election in Manchester may be the most watched.  Democrats hope to unseat Mayor Gatsas and but before you go out and cast a ballot ask yourself where do these liberals stand on the following issues?

Democrat state party chair Ray Buckley called a broad swath of voters in our state white supremacists. As a Democrat for public office do you support the state party chair’s remarks and if not, why have you not denounced them or distanced yourself from this ridiculous narrative?

UNH is doubling down on a diversity narrative that encourages actively silencing peaceful speech to which they object. Antifa uses this same excuse to justify violence and intimidation to prevent free people from speaking at all. Have you denounced the use of force and intimidation to silence speech, where can we find these remarks, and if not, why not? And how will you defend the first amendment from efforts by diversity activists to silence speech they oppose?

A diversity lottery visa holder recently committed jihad in Manhattan, and some Democrat candidates in Manchester have suggested a more open immigration system or sanctuary status for the queen city. Is claiming the virtue of diversity more important to you than the safety of the city’s citizens? Where do you stand on more refugees in Manchester, what level of vetting do you support, and do you agree with some Democrats that Manchester should embrace sanctuary city status?

Would you support Manchester adding its name to the list of cities supporting the Paris Climate agreement? If so, what does that mean given that even the IPCC admits that strict adherence to the accords (which will cost a significant sum) will have little to no meaningful impact on CO2 driven man-made global warming? If you still support such schemes why should voters trust your fiscal judgment or spending priorities with their money?

Whose property are the wages or earnings of employees and business owners in Manchester? What limitations, if any, would you put on yourself or city government to protect their right to keep more of what they earn?

These questions are suitable for any Democrat in any race, so don’t limit yourself to these or variations of them for today and tomorrow. Ask them every chance you get until you get a straight answer.

Be prepared to have to wait for a very (very) long time for the latter but don’t wait to report on their non-answer or refusal to answer.