Bet On The Mongoose Or Bet on The Snakes

Donna Brazile - Dirty Democrat from way back whenAs the worm turns – I hope I see some legs!

Liberal Hillary Clinton staffers go after the liberal DNC Chairman in the print media while everyone else gets to watch. This is some sort of political soap opera on steroids, and about time.

The Mook Mafia, is about to have the duct tape wrapped around their empty socialist skulls since the sinking of the “Bad Ship Hillary” last November, explode.

The Democrat’s Mother Theresa, Donna Brazille, is unflinchingly calling the Clinton Crime Sub-family of campaign workers – racists.

What will the millennial nitwits respond with, you might wonder?

In all Alinsky seriousness, the College Clintonistas propose Donna Brazile is a puppet of Putin. Oh please, let Muller in on this. He has little to do and money to spend hiring like-minded professional leftist for his silent coup investigations, let’s add Brazille to the menu.

You are racists!!! You treated me like a slave!!!

Oh, yea!

You take orders from Putin – and Trump.

Welcome to the real Democrat Party machine. As usual, a machine that gets little grease becomes squeaky. There is a lot less “grease” since “Her Lowness” LOST and unlosable election she already won in the polls.

(Meanwhile) Out of retirement and fresh out of credibility comes,

The Bush Family!

In some recent scribbling, a Bush says that Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld had nothing to do with important decisions in the former Republican President’s first two terms of Obama-style big government.

Now that explains a lot.