World Economy explained with two cows – Part 2 Socialism

by Skip

The World Economy with two cows - Part 2 Socialism

UPDATE: Upon reflection, this graphic is wrong.  The second line should actually read “You are FORCED to give one to your neighbour.  No, that’s still not right. Try this: The Government TAKES one of your cows and gives it to your neighbor because: INEQUALITY!!!!”.  Just like the Democrats keep lecturing us – you voluntarily giving the cow to your neighbor is nothing but Socialist PR.

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  • mer

    Definitely needs the word “Forced”.
    The 3rd graphic is “Capitalism: You have 2 cows, you give one to your neighbor. In exchange he gives you 2 goats and a pig because you both agreed that was a good trade”.


      Mer, I agree with you that it was a good trade, i.e. both parties were satisfied with the outcome), but the government was not happy because A) they did not get to define the terms of the trade, and B) they did not get to impose a tariff or tax on the exchange.

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