Who Will Replace Shawn Jasper as Speaker of the New Hampshire House?

statehousehouseYesterday, news broke that New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu was doing us all a huge favor by offering Speaker Shawn Jasper a job as the Agriculture Commissioner. This would mean Jasper is stepping down from his Statehouse seat and relinquishing the Speaker’s chair.

I think Jasper will take up the Governor up on his offer.

So who will replace him as Speaker?

There will have to a be a vote and Republicans do still have a majority.

Can we possibly hope for unity from the caucus so that the Democrats don’t get to pick the guy running a GOP dominated body? The right Speaker could completely change the priorities, chairmanships, and success of the secession, and by that I mean, more Live Free or Die and less, patronizing moderate proclivities.

More liberty and less government.

No, I am not holding my breath. I think Dick Hinch, a total Jasper Puppet will run. I expect several Republicans to stand up for the gig. But I do not, as yet, know who they will be. As news of likely candidates emerges, we’ll do our best to vet them here.