Seriously Hynsie – you actually put your name to this? Did you warn your client of Hypocrisy?

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That would be blatant hypocrisy, by the way. OK, admittedly I’m late on this but hey, better late than never.

You’re a Republican operative AND communications guy – did you forget to check the history on your client’s voting record BEFORE sending this (and others) out?  Isn’t that just basic standard procedure – protect your client? Patrick Hynes is a Republican operative and comms guy at Hynes Communications – he should know better.  Look at this presser:


For Immediate Release: August 24, 2017
Contact: Patrick Hynes, 202-321-5310

NH GOP Chair Jeanie Forrester on Senator Shaheen’s Support of Senator Sanders’ Single-Payer Health Care Plan

Concord – Today, NH GOP Chair Jeanie Forrester released the following statement regarding Senator Shaheen’s comments on the NHPR Exchange supporting Senator Sanders’ Single-Payer plan:

“New Hampshire voters should understand how significant Senator Shaheen’s statement is – a full endorsement of a socialist takeover of our health care system. We now know why Senator Shaheen obstructed Republican free market health care reforms. Granite Staters cannot afford ObamaCare and certainly won’t be able to support SandersCare.”



So what’s the problem?

This is the reason why most people rate politicians lower than ambulance chasing lawyers and the stereotypical used car salesman.  So here’s Jeanie berating former NH Governor and current Federal Government Ambassador to NH US Senator Jeanne Shaheen (ostensibly D-NH but Socialist works – go ahead, ask her what the difference is between a Socialist and a Democrat?) over BernieCare where he wants to turn the whole US Healthcare system to be the same as the VA (er, didn’t I hear that Shaheen was poo-pooing the VA a bit ago?).

But Jeanie Forrester ALSO supported a socialist takeover of the US Healthcare here in NH – she supported and voted for a component of Obamacare which is the Democrats’ third step to single-payer healthcare.  The would be Medicaid Expansion when she was a NH State Senator; she freely campaigned for and proudly voted for and merrily proclaimed “look what we’ve done for NH residents!” afterwards.

So why is it bad for a Socialist to support a socialist idea but a Republican supporting a precursor isn’t?  Look, Obamacare is failing – and Forrester has said that it is as well.  Medicaid Expansion, if nothing right is done by Republican elected politicians soon, will crater the NH Budget – Jeanie supported it first time around and didn’t vote for it the continuation ONLY because she knew it was a loser while running to be the next NH Governor.

That takes hypocrisy in no small measure.

So Hynsie – why did you let her do it and give folks like me this great big fat slow pitch softball?  You’re supposed to be the “expert” and still put her up to the plate to whiff on this?  I’m no comms guy, just a blogger, but even I know better than to do this stupid stuff – the NH GOP ought to get a bit of a rebate if even a retainer is in place.

And Jeanie?  Here’s some free advice that’s worth every penny from your lowly scribe – knock it off on this topic as it doesn’t help you because of your past action and words.  Stop making yourself a mile-high target at the 100 yard range.