And we were told that we were misogynistic and homophobic – THAT would never happen!

Man Who Identifies As A Woman Named Michelle, Rapes 10 Yr-Old Girl In Ladies Room

Miguel Martinez is a transgender who lives in Casper, Wyoming. That’s a place that I have lived before when I was a kid. No way would I have ever dreamed that would be a headline out of that wonderful town. He identifies as a transgender woman. In reality, he’s a sick, twisted perverted pedophile who got caught ‘allegedly’ sexually assaulting a 10 year-old little girl in a bathroom. Martinez was arrested and pleaded not guilty last May. The trial for Miguel Martinez, who goes by the name Michelle, began last week. It should last four days or so before sentencing.

Hmm, so much for that narrative that a man posing as a women would NEVER, EVER do something like this.  Glad to be able to say that we told you so, Progressives.

(H/T: RightWingNews)

by Skip

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