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Mark Bauerlein
Mark Bauerlein

On Senator McCain’s Trump bashing (emphasis mine):

Because of you, they think, we got identity-politician Sonia Sotomayor on the Supreme Court, not another Neil Gorsuch-type justice instead. We had to read steady reports of “the emerging Democratic majority,” which told us our days were numbered, these conservatives fume. When we voiced other beliefs, cowering Republicans handed us the condescending, inclusive language they’d adopted to adapt to the Obama era. Those other beliefs — God and country, family and home — “That’s not what we’re all about,” conservative members were told.

It is hard for liberals to understand this kind of dismay from conservatives over such failures, precisely because Democratic figures led by Barack Obama and backed by progressive entertainment and media worlds have made them think they have history on their side.

I still don’t get the Progressive “arc of history” or “history on their side”; can ANYONE tell me what this means because history is, well, just history and not an animate entity that gets to decide how things happen (unless this is part of their Godhead Trinity)?

Every time a Republican loses, liberals take it as a sign of the times, not just one loss for the time being. John McCain’s 2008 fiasco didn’t leave conservative voters thinking, “Well, it was a good fight, and we’ll get ’em next time.” No, they thought, “Something is wrong with the Republican Party.” The Tea Party sprang up soon afterwards.

And both the Democrats and GOPe doubled down to erase that movement.  Bad call – that’s how we rewarded them with Trump.

When John McCain and other Republicans berate and chide President Trump, they go after a man who won. His supporters don’t forget, either, the former losses.

(H/T: MSN)