Nashua Alderman Vote Unanimously to Spend Other People’s Money

Is Rail a wasteful proposition?A Rhode Island Company has convinced the city of Nashua to spend your money.

According to NHPR’s incorrectly named article “Nashua Alderman Unanimously Approve Commuter Rail Memorandum,”

The Tuesday night unanimous approval of the memorandum of understanding means the city can begin work immediately with the Rhode Island-based Boston Surface Railroad Co to create a detailed plan.

I spoke at length about the proposed passenger rail service on Girard at Large a few weeks ago, and how it gets its infrastructure funding.

I should note that it may not be NHPR that is at fault. I haven’t seen the memo, so maybe the memo has “commuter rail ” in the title, but that would only add another untruth to the tale.

For those with short memories that are not Democrats or Medicaid Expanding Republicans (who don’t care about the truth) when they say-

“Nashua is not liable for any of the funding for the service, though it will assist Boston Surface in looking for grants and federal loans.”

-That means tax dollars are still paying for any infrastructure improvements. In fact, the entire exercise is not possible without the taxpayer money.

So what happens when the proposed progressive-kitsch for-profit boutique passenger rail service from Rhode Island, up through Lowell and into Nashua New Hampshire turns out to be a non-profit service, as will most likely be the case?

Someone has to pay for the upkeep of the rail infrastructure, staff, their benefits, property taxes, other operating expenses, and most importantly the train station in Nashua?

I’ll give you a hint. It probably sounds a lot like “Taxpayers in Nashua.”

Unless, of course, the train fetishists find a way to use this to shove “commuter rail” up the Manchester-Concord corridor. Then it will become the State of New Hampshire’s perennial budget pinching riderless money pit.