Meet The Press was no better than the Concord Monitor on the insurance bailouts

by Skip

Meet The PressYesterday, Meet The Press (MTP) was no better than the Concord Monitor on the insurance bailouts, and it was quite clear, right from the start, that this was going to be nothing more than a Trump bashing and it was clear why.

MTP shows its journalistic bias just as clearly as the Concord Monitor. Chuck Todd is the host/moderator as well as the starting narrator/voice-over (former Democratic staffer to Senator Tom Harkin; married to Kristian Denny Todd – a former communications person for the Democratic Party):

This Sunday, trying to undo the Obama presidency. On Obamacare, President Trump moves to eliminate subsidies to help low-income Americans.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: That money is going to insurance companies to lift up their stock price. And that’s not what I’m about.

But many see this as an attempt to simply sabotage the Affordable Care Act.

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY): Obamacare’s not perfect. But it doesn’t mean you take it away and hurt people.

On Iran, the president threatens to end the nuclear deal.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Iran is not living up to the spirit of the deal.

Mr. Trump, taking aim at President Obama’s chief domestic and foreign policy achievements…From NBC News in Washington, the longest-running show in television history, celebrating its 70th year, this is Meet the Press with Chuck Todd.

And framing the rest of the show from the get-go:

CHUCK TODD: Good Sunday morning. It was easy to watch President Trump go after President Obama’s signature domestic and foreign policy achievements this week, Obamacare and the Iran nuclear deal, and conclude that he was simply working to undo the Obama presidency. But it was also possible to conclude that Mr. Trump was eager to look as if he’s doing something while punting the final decisions to Congress. Here’s the president talking to reporters on Friday about the proposed cuts to the poor on subsidies via on Obamacare.

…President Trump pledged to follow through on his campaign promise to dismantle President Obama’s signature domestic and foreign policy achievements.

What Todd doesn’t mention is that is why most of us voted for him so that he could echo Obama’s favorite phrase:

I won

And famously said that if you want to do things differently, win an election.  So Trump went and did just that.  And these pack of Democrat operatives with bylines are FLAMING MAD that Trump is keeping his promises.  And they kept it up right until the end:

HEATHER MCGHEE (Prez of DEMOS, a Progressive think tank): Absolutely. Somebody needs to tell the White House. I mean, he is deliberately sabotaging…

CHUCK TODD: You believe it’s a deliberate sabotage? John Kasich wouldn’t go there.

HEATHER MCGHEE: Oh, I think he was being very politic. I don’t think anyone has another theory about why he would really be doing.

And that was the constant din the entire program.  Frankly, I love it because the Obama “drawing power into DC” had to be stopped and reversed.  The only other Republican that would have been doing so would have been Ted Cruz, and I’m not totally convinced that Cruz would have been charging ahead quite this quickly.

The reason for this post is to point out what the Concord Monitor wouldn’t, but it didn’t come until 52 minutes into the 60-minute show when Kim Strassel of the WSJ answered. McGhee’s fact-not-in-evidence statement and STILL got pushback – how DARE you disagree with our Democrat Narrative:


HEATHER MCGHEE: Okay. Go ahead.

KIM STRASSEL: I do. Yes. No, he’s not deliberately, first of all, it’s–

HEATHER MCGHEE: Didn’t Steve, I’m sorry, didn’t Steve Bannon actually just admit it? I was just looking at Twitter. Steve Bannon I think just admitted that it’s about sabotaging the bill.

And the money line

KIM STRASSEL: So, the one word we haven’t even heard anyone say here today is extra-legal. These were extra-legal payments, okay? You’re not supposed to make these payments unless they’re appropriated by Congress. They have not been appropriated since 2014.

And the Dems on the panel hated that – that mention of the Separation of Powers.  It’s okay for them to use that to slow Trump down, but heaven help those that use that against the Lightbringer. So once again, it is Trump restoring a Constitutional issue to be in line with said document instead of “being Obama” and continuing to disregard both the Congress and the fundamental power of the purse that the Constitution gave to the Congress and not the Presidency.

Full Transcript here.

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