The Heart Of Gun Confiscation Is Money and Evil

by Ed Naile

guns, pistols, rifle, revolvers, and ammunitionWhen a gun control advocate starts with their standard heart-wrenching plea for gun owners to cooperate in helping them make everyone safe, all I hear is gun confiscation. This gun control mantra isn’t about personal safety – it is about disarmament. Any plea by gun grabbers that this isn’t the case is flat out nonsense.

Most vocal gun grabbers have no idea what they are talking about regarding weapons; it’s just a fad opinion they picked up like a teenager going vegan to save the planet. The planning for, funding of, and talking points about gun confiscation comes from select left wing sources – professional anti-Second Amendment planners. Most citizen anti-gun activists pick up their agenda like they stepped in chewing gum. If it weren’t guns, it would be offensive statues, or foul language, or history that doesn’t meet their standard. It never stops.

So, did the Founding Fathers imagine automatic weapons?

I don’t know about specific weapons the Framers had in mind at the time, but I do know Revolutionary soldiers and our militia fired grapeshot out of cannons at soldiers standing in line in front of them. I would imagine they would have been quite happy to have advanced weapons, no matter how sophisticated at the time, compared to our current collection. Grapeshot isn’t a friendly gesture nor is it used for squirrel hunting.

New Hampshire’s General Stark had cannons. General Stark was a British subject before he was an American. He had the right to own cannons before our Second Amendment was written into the US Constitution.

Revolutionary soldiers fired grapeshot, split shot, iron bars with weights on the end, chain, stones, and hot shot, which is shot heated to a glowing red before loading in the barrel of a cannon – all very nice and neat “squirrel hunting ammo.”

Our misguided liberals who champion gun confiscation because that is what is expected of them on campus, at the awards ceremony, or the proper wine and cheese party they need to be seen at, are a sad lot. They have no historical reference, no form of opinion not delivered to them, and the silly idea that any group of people, government officials, or soldiers, are ever going to disarm American citizens. That is just plain fantasy. George Soros knows this. He saw what happened to his NAZI Party. Mayor Bloomberg knows this as well, but he needs to stay “fashionable” in his very limited, very wealthy, out-of-touch with America, NYC crowd.

So anti-gun yelping will continue because being anti-gun is in some circles, “hip,” and for the activist planning and financing this agenda – profitable. Fundraising horror stories that begin before any facts are known about any of the many agendas of the progressives in America is immediate, relentless, and usually, deliberately misleading.

Follow the gun confiscation money and evil ideology, not the anti-gun puppets.

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