EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Pulls the Plug on the Clean Power Plan

by Steve MacDonald

Scott PruittBack in March, President Trump signed an Executive Order asking the EPA to review the (the awful terrible) Clean Power Plan. EPA has, and now they are taking a hatchet to it.

“I’m here to make an announcement that’s very, very important for you. Tomorrow, in Washington, D.C., I’ll be signing a proposed rule to withdraw the so-called Clean Power Plan of the past administration and thus begin the effort to withdraw that rule,” Mr. Pruitt, head of the Environmental Protection Agency, said at an event in Kentucky.

Liberal gnashing of teeth and chicken little prognostications of environmental collapse could rise slightly above the usual din as a result. You may even hear whining Republicans including some from New Hampshire.

New Hampshire already suffers under the yoke of a carbon tax. CPP would have spread that shadow tax from sea to shining. And kneecapping the opposition just seems easier than crawling out from under the giant turd that is RGGI.

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  • Moe Ferrel

    Thank God something is being done about this fiasco. We in NH pay some of the highest utility rates in the country thanks to “clean” and “renewable” energy. The two behemoth wood to energy plants, in Berlin and Newmarket, are giant money pits. Wood to energy plants cannot survive without public support and drive up the cost of cord wood and pellets to those of us who use wood to heat our homes. Every “solar” unit and wind turbine installed in this state are subsidized by rate payers. Even the cost of wood stoves have been driven up by this stupid rule and that in many cases made them useless. Everything the Obama Administration did concerning energy cost us ratepayers money.

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