Democrats remind us they are the Party of violators

by Skip

Democrat Party Logo 2015I’m on most of the major Democrat email lists – sometimes as my usual email address and sometimes under others.  Most of the stuff is absolute emotion – their titles and content SCREAM emotion: “Women will DIE!”, “They want to put you back in chains!”, “This. Cannot. Happen.”, “LAST CHANCE!” and a recent one, “Poachers will win if this bill passes.” And yes, we are called EVIL.

Those are the calmer ones.  Many are also about what entitlement is being “taken away” Republicans (and never mentioning that THEY first took the resources from others to give their favored groups in the first place).

Well, its that time of the year and it is so great to get the reminder that the annual Democrat fundraiser dinners are starting.  As I noted here,  the Democrats’ annual dinners were named after a couple of Presidents:, the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner.  Two founding members of the Democrat Party and both were early Presidents of the United States.

And worse than “SINNERS!” in the eyes of the current Party.  In fact, there have been calls to take down their statues.  Why?  They owned slaves.  I just want to remind you that the NH Democrat Party was one of the local entities that “purged” (like other Socialist and Communist Parties have done for their entire histories) Presidents Jefferson and Jackson to attempt to get rid of their association with “slave owners”, they renamed their dinners to two other Presidents that better reflect who they are.  Let me remind you with the missive from the NH Democrat email:

????Get your tickets for the 2017 Kennedy Clinton Dinner????

2017 NH DEM Kennedy Clinton dinner logo

You’re Invited
The 2017 Kennedy Clinton
Dinner + Celebration
Great Things Grow in the Granite State

Friday, November 17th
6:00 PM
Alpine Grove Banquet Center
Hollis, NH

Yep.  They swapped out lions of our early history for two lions for sexual predators.  One not only was someone who had one “fling” after another (with Daddy’s friends forever covering up the “incidents”) but also killed an innocent girl by abandoning her in a little creek on Cape Cod way so it wouldn’t hurt his political future.  The other abused his Position of Power in stalking other women for self-gratification – and then laughed at them but was left with a blue dress legacy.  Then used his wife to savage them publicly to discredit them.

Once again, Democrats, nice symbology. From abusers of other humans for free labor, to OWN them, to a couple of disreputable men who abused other humans for mere sexual purposes.

Which pair is worse?  Frankly, the latter two because they did so during a time period when it was looked down upon.  But the MSM looked away and the Feminazis fell silent; as they yell at us for being “complicit in our silence”, the Democrat Party has a long history of doing the same.

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  • roger

    You realize that John F. Kennedy and Ted Kennedy are not the same person right?

    Other than that you are correct. I could also write a post that states how Bush II skipped out on the draft, how Bush 1 only made it one term and got rich on dirty oil money. How Nixon well…we know what happened to him.

    Politicians regardless of affiliation are all sleaze buckets…I am sure you are a saint though right Mr. Murphy?

    • granitegrok

      Yes – they both were serial sexual predators.

      The Bush draft dodging has been debunked a number of times.

      “Dirty” oil money?

      Nixon got what didn’t deserve – he should have gotten more.

      No, I am no saint for all of us are fallen.

      • Bryan W

        Don’t you love how the Progs have to misdirect and lie in order to seem like they have a point?

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