A dangerous divide and conquer scheme

Liberals-Attack-The-Gun-Issue-Cartoon-LibertarianThe knee-jerk liberals who do their best to divide this country, in an endless, decades-long effort to create as many victim classes as possible, have latched onto gun control as a cure for the mass shooting in Vegas.

No surprise there.

No surprise the shooting range known as Chicago doesn’t bother liberals.

What if this Vegas loser was motivated by gambling debts?

Should we eliminate gambling?

If football players are so oppressed by police they need to disrespect our country, should we eliminate football?

If the mayor of San Juan can’t get food and water sitting right next to her on a truck and distribute it, should we stop sending more?

Or maybe we can all acknowledge that one political party uses hate and division to gin up support from the “oppressed” so they can acquire political power. And that this tired Alinsky technique has gotten even worse since their candidate lost an opportunity to bring her criminal cabal back to the White House?

That might be a large part of what is going on.

So I will wait for all the facts to come in about the Vegas loser.

And I’ll keep my guns, thank you, and I’ll wait to see how far the left will push this dangerous divide and conquer scheme.