Check You, Check Me, Not The Guy Behind The SUV

by Ed Naile

vehicular-terrorismSimple facts regarding the fallacy of gun control as a means of preventing terrorism.

Gun hating progressives want to extreme-vet me if I happen to buy a gun. They also want to collect data on my ammunition purchases.

But a person not born in this country, who is not a citizen, can get a driver’s license, good for five years in NH, ten years in California. That person is not extreme-vetted to buy a car or rent a truck.

I get treated as a potential threat to society for buying a gun – my Constitutional right – and it always will be. Anyone who feels that lawfully owned guns will be, or could be, confiscated from Americans is the real threat to society – or just plain crazy.

On the other hand.

A non-citizen can get a driver’s license – a privilege, then rent or buy a vehicle, including a truck or van – no questions asked.

While it hasn’t raised it’s ugly Isis flag here in America as much as Europe, there is no reason to believe we here in the States have taken any action to prevent terrorists from driving into crowds.

CNN did a compilation of “drive into” terrorism called Terrorist Attacks by Vehicle Fast Facts.

Fact: Al Qaeda’s Yemeni branch encouraged its Western recruits to use trucks as weapons. A 2010 webzine article, “The Ultimate Mowing Machine” called for deploying a pickup truck as a“mowing machine, not to mow grass but mow down the enemies of Allah.”

Meanwhile, all the deep scheming, funding, and lies anti-Second Amendment activists have used to keep America “safe” have amounted to nothing but deep divisions among Americans who, when I was young, thought nothing of people possessing guns.

The coffers of the anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment crowd swell as they sow division, for division’s sake. That really is the end game.

If we want to prevent potential terrorism, one simple, Constitutional, means is right in front of the data collecting, extreme-vetting, hyperventilating, progressives – keep track of the millions of people who are in this country illegally. Or would putting any perceivable roadblock to documenting who our illegal visitors are be in conflict with our progressive activist’s real agenda and income?

As a side note:

The evil NRA and other Second Amendment groups spend millions defending my rights. If Holier than Thou, left-wing activists didn’t make such a good living attacking Americans right to bear arms – gun groups would be quite happy to just be left alone.

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