The Stupid on the Left


Check out this guy calling Ben Shapiro, a Jew who wears a yarmulke all the time, a suspected white supremacist? (And look at the number of likes!!). So Tariq thinks,  Ben who “According to studies from the Anti-Defamation League, Shapiro received the most anti-Semitic harassment on Twitter during last year’s campaign season.” from white supremacists, is a suspected white supremacist. Good lord.

Why are so many people who claim to be on the left so freaking stupid? I mean, seriously. They play dress up in black, replicating fascist fashion, beating people up, destroying property and then, with a straight face, in serious self-righteous rage claim they are anti-fascist?

Or completely misread O’Brien’s exchange with Winston in one of the 1984 torture scenes and state that the point of 1984 is that we need to trust the leader, the press, experts??? That was from failed Democrat Presidential Candidate Cankles.  Okay, she’s a deranged loon whose been living in a fawning infused bubble protecting her from invasive reality for far too long, so that’s not quite fair. Her problem is that she won’t roll her orb elsewhere. But you get where I’m going.

Here, try one for yourself. Ask a lefty, progressive, heck this one even works on most Democrats, what they think of Citizen United and if they’re for it. Then ask them what the actual case is about and politely listen. Odds are you’ll hear that Citizens United was a case about making corporations people and that unlimited money can be put in elections, thus it must be overturned. And they’ll most likely say this passionately with appendages flailing. What you will not likely hear is what the case was really about which “At its core, the infamously dire Citizens United case was about (and I’m not kidding) a movie and whether the Federal Government can ban it from being shown”. (See here and here for more information). You will not hear that because the many that claim they’re on the left simply don’t know, and the genuine leftists are prevaricators hiding inconvenient truth.

Many who claim they are on the left haven’t done the intellectual homework. They are just stupid, lazy or some combination thereof. These are the ones you see interviewed who can’t define communism or socialism but like it, and who also decry capitalism as an oppressive force while taking a selfie completely oblivious to the contradiction. The only thing I can think of that spawned this idiocy is that these people are gullible—thank you government schools– and embrace ignorance because, as I said, they’re lazy. They do not want to spend the time educating themselves. Reading is hard. It’s something a person must do for himself, no one can do it for him. It requires time, thought, and effort. And quite frankly, it’s much more fun flying-of-the-handle in a pique of outrage at some perceived affront to their over-inflated sense of self-importance to bother with reading or educating themselves.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are educated and quite intelligent leftists out there who do know the truth. They just prefer that it not be known. If you know your history, you can see them invent and propagate myths when the truth doesn’t work in their favor. For example, take the myth that the Democrats and the progressive left were always on the “right side of history” when it comes to race in America. When, in fact, they were the party and the people of Jim Crow, slavery, anti-civil rights acts, against anti-lynching laws, forced eugenics etc. Confront them on this question, and they’ll lie right to your face and say, “Oh the racist South switched sides, they’re Republican” (lie) or “Everyone was like that back then” (lie). And they’ll be unabashedly bold about too.

As recent as 2010, the once Exalted Cyclops of the KKK was a sitting Democrat Senator, Robert Byrd. Mention this to the left and brace yourself for a s**t storm of excuse making and hypocrisy. Because that fact and history no longer serve their purpose. Here’s another recent example of lying by omission. During statue tantrum a few weeks back or so, was it mentioned frequently, if at all, in the news outlets that many of the statues decried as racist and torn down by today’s Democrats were of yesterday’s Democrats?

It’s not the intelligence I question of the true left, it’s their morals and honesty. The reason for their dishonesty, the reason they lie and try to hide the truth is that because if people knew the truth about what they wanted to do, the people would reject it. It’s why Oblunder lied about ObamaCare. He knew you wouldn’t be able to keep your doctor, but said otherwise because the end justified the means. He knows best. He wanted government health care, so it doesn’t matter. You’re too dumb to understand, so why bother telling you the truth. The left will just take care of things and it will work out fine. Of course, it won’t work for everyone. After all, as Lenin said, “If you want an omelet, you must break a few eggs”.  (Maybe that was Robespierre, doesn’t matter, both are from the left.)  So some people are just the broken eggs,  like the Kulaks, Venezuelans, millions of aborted babies, Holodomor Ukrainians, African slaves etc. And some people are breaking the eggs and just don’t know it like the rube followers shouting “White Supremacist” at a Jew.