State Supreme Court Says Yes! Earl Metzler Can Charge $7.49 for the Electronic Copy of an Email

by Steve MacDonald

SAU 55 RTKSAU 55 Superintendent Earl Metzler has once again proven that the unelected bureaucracy will always attract people who will do anything to make life difficult for the taxpayers that pay them.

For an historical record spend a few hours searching Donna Green’s Blog, but for our purposes today we need to look no further than the decision in Taylor v. SAU 55.

Your SAU went to the state’s Supreme Court simply because they did not want to forward one short email to Mr. Taylor, and instead insisted on charging him $7.49 for a thumb drive and requiring him to commute from his home in Durham to the Plaistow office to collect it.  Your money is no object at SAU 55.  For legal fees we have a bottomless ATM.  Neither is the public’s convenience at the forefront of the SAU’s administration.  (Please don’t think elected officials get treated any differently. I have a collection of thumb drives.)

Reach out to your state legislators and start asking them to correct this. And be sure to let us know if your SAU or local government imposes similar excessive charges for public information, which this ruling will undoubtedly encourage them to do. We will happily report your findings for posterity.

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  • Donna Green

    SAU 55 will also allow an individual to bring their own thumb drive in an unopened original package. (Drives are cheap when purchased in bulk but the SAU requires unopened original packaging for each drive used.) If you bring your own, there is no guarantee they will download the information you want when you arrive with your drive however. All they need to do is post the information on their public website or email the information to the requestor. But SAU 55 needed to make a point on the back of our taxpayers. Here is an excerpt from their Ministry of Truth press release: “’The purpose of this press release is not to revel in this court victory, but to share with the public the merits of the case and to remind them of our continued efforts to grow the public’s trust in our management of the organization and the two school districts. The SAU takes serious the public’s demand for transparency and values the support of our stakeholders.’”

  • Ed Naile

    Coach Metzler is a tiny little man with a Napoleon Complex.
    (No charge for the analysis, Coach.)
    You also see this a lot when someone is out of their league – as in, the matchbook diploma for school superintendent didn’t have a chapter on sane behavior.
    “Napoleon complex” is a term describing a theoretical condition occurring in people of short stature. It is characterized by overly-aggressive or domineering social behavior, and carries the implication that such behavior is compensatory for the subject’s stature.

  • Bruce J Trivellini

    Let me get this straight, documents created by an official who is paid with tax payer dollars, on a tax payer purchased/owned computer system, transmitted over a tax payer funded email system that the tax payer funded official refuses to posted on a tax payer owned web page…and the court thinks the TAX PAYERS need to pay MORE for this already costly information….I think we need to impeach the court.

    • Radical Moderate

      Now you’re getting to the root of the problem!
      Not only on a local, but a national level. The experiment is over.

  • Ed Naile

    The big picture in this sad experiment in temper tantrums by Bonaparte Metzler is that it opens the door to taxpayers having to pony p for all sorts of things – we already pay for.
    Attend a selectman’s meeting = $2.00
    Observe a ZBA Hearing = $4.00
    Vote = $10.00
    Now let the libs argue this one.

  • Radical Moderate

    It seems like these communities never learn.
    The biggest mistake that any New Hampshire community can make is hiring anyone that has worked for a Massachusetts school system. You’re just begging for problems. I’m originally from Mass myself but I acknowledge this fact.
    I just can’t understand why New Hampshire insists on this constant fawning relationship with Massachusetts, when it us quite obvious that Mass is a “failed state”.
    Why do NH citizens insist on going down this suiciadal path?

    • The increased opportunity for good paying make-work jobs?

      • Radical Moderate

        I really don’t know Steve. You have no idea how much heartburn I have caused myself trying to figure this one out. I myself moved to NH many years ago to get AWAY from the “Mass Mentality” specifically because of all this type of shenanigans. I know we may disagree on this point, but in my mind there can be only one cause of this type of transformation. There can be only one cause that has enough money and momentum to push this type of transformation and that’s the cross border business cabal. Even if you try and pin the change on voters the evidence shows that the NH communities that border Mass consistently vote R. Let’s face it, Mass has everything to gain by shaping the environment in NH to reflect its own and they will spare no amount of money to make it so. You know I’m not anti-business, but how else could you explain the ability to have the time or money to work at this type of termite paced change? I’m not talking about “mom & pop” businesses, I’m talking about the Million $ business that are donating support for 95% of the politicians in Concord.
        Just one example was that potato headed politician that was pushing the mileage tax and then beat feet down to Florida just before the people were ready to tar and feather him..

        • Ed Naile

          Rad Man:
          Have hope.
          Some of the best anti-big government activist I have met here escaped Ma.
          It only takes a handful to make a difference.

          • mer

            What about those that escaped NJ? As bad as Ma is NJ is worse.

          • Ed Naile

            I have not had a NJ taxpayer activist make a splash in NH I know of. Some conservative elected officials in NH came from that tax wasteland. Bill Zeliff was one.

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