State Supreme Court Says Yes! Earl Metzler Can Charge $7.49 for the Electronic Copy of an Email

by Steve MacDonald

SAU 55 RTKSAU 55 Superintendent Earl Metzler has once again proven that the unelected bureaucracy will always attract people who will do anything to make life difficult for the taxpayers that pay them.

For an historical record spend a few hours searching Donna Green’s Blog, but for our purposes today we need to look no further than the decision in Taylor v. SAU 55.

Your SAU went to the state’s Supreme Court simply because they did not want to forward one short email to Mr. Taylor, and instead insisted on charging him $7.49 for a thumb drive and requiring him to commute from his home in Durham to the Plaistow office to collect it.  Your money is no object at SAU 55.  For legal fees we have a bottomless ATM.  Neither is the public’s convenience at the forefront of the SAU’s administration.  (Please don’t think elected officials get treated any differently. I have a collection of thumb drives.)

Reach out to your state legislators and start asking them to correct this. And be sure to let us know if your SAU or local government imposes similar excessive charges for public information, which this ruling will undoubtedly encourage them to do. We will happily report your findings for posterity.

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