State-by-State – Laws Protecting Student Free Speech

by Steve MacDonald

Diversity Speech policeCampus Reform has released a report on what states are doing to protect Free Speech on campus. New Hampshire doesn’t have any special laws beyond the ones our founders left us.

You’d like to think that the constitution is enough,

New Hampshire – Codified Protection of First Amendment Rights on Campus

New Hampshire has no laws expressly protecting student free speech rights on university campuses. Students in New Hampshire must look to its state and the federal constitution to find protection from university limitations on speech, expression, and association.

But I’m not sure it is, and some States agree. They’ve implemented rules for campuses that prohibit things like speech codes and speech zones. Some even have laws to protect freedom of association.

It’s sad that we have to do that at all, but without specific statutory penalties, there are those who will do whatever they can to limit free speech.

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