State-by-State – Laws Protecting Student Free Speech

by Steve MacDonald

Diversity Speech policeCampus Reform has released a report on what states are doing to protect Free Speech on campus. New Hampshire doesn’t have any special laws beyond the ones our founders left us.

You’d like to think that the constitution is enough,

New Hampshire – Codified Protection of First Amendment Rights on Campus

New Hampshire has no laws expressly protecting student free speech rights on university campuses. Students in New Hampshire must look to its state and the federal constitution to find protection from university limitations on speech, expression, and association.

But I’m not sure it is, and some States agree. They’ve implemented rules for campuses that prohibit things like speech codes and speech zones. Some even have laws to protect freedom of association.

It’s sad that we have to do that at all, but without specific statutory penalties, there are those who will do whatever they can to limit free speech.

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  • kervick

    Check this out. The Left is freaking out, trying to get this article removed of course, and trying to get this guy fired.

    “For the last 100 years, Western colonialism has had a bad name. It is
    high time to question this orthodoxy. Western colonialism was, as a
    general rule, both objectively beneficial and subjectively legitimate in
    most of the places where it was found, using realistic measures of
    those concepts. The countries that embraced their colonial inheritance,
    by and large, did better than those that spurned it. Anti-colonial
    ideology imposed grave harms on subject peoples and continues to thwart
    sustained development and a fruitful encounter with modernity in many
    places. Colonialism can be recovered by weak and fragile states today in
    three ways: by reclaiming colonial modes of governance; by recolonising
    some areas; and by creating new Western colonies from scratch.”

    • granitegrok

      Kervick, what does this have to do with Student Free Speech? Please stay on topic or post it elsewhere.

      • kervick

        This professor wrote a well-researched article defending colonialism. That is perhaps the most politically incorrect point of view a college professor can have. He applied his free speech to advance his scholarship, and now his peers are trying to eliminate him. They are also pressuring the publication to remove the article (even though he is 100% correct). The reason the left tries to curtail speech is because some speech threatens their fascist control of the population. This professor’s scholarship threatens the white guilt narrative that maintains their power, and the billions of funding in grants and programs etc. that they rely on. Universities use their equity and inclusion programs to eliminate undesirable speech on campus. They make it very clear what can be said out loud and what cannot be said without consequence.

        If you want to quibble about government vs. private speech restrictions, OK, we can play that game.

        By the way, a lot of us are being socially assassinated in order to maintain the Orwellian police state. The US will soon adopt hate speech laws like Canada, Australia, and Europe already have. Our free speech right is about to wither away if we do not fight now.

        We created this video to envision where we are and where we are heading. I try to deliberately break every “law” as a means of civil disobedience. That is why I am so blunt – to poke my finger in the eye of the cultural Marxists who despise me.

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