Standing Data Point – It’s not just taxes and fines that make us poorer

by Skip

Promise kept: Trump killed 2 old regs for every new 1, $645 million saved

The Trump administration has fulfilled one of the president’s key campaign promises to wipe out costly Obama-era regulations, according to a new fiscal year ending report card on the effort. The American Action Forum found that the administration kept its one in, two out plan and saved $645 million, and has another $600 million in savings on the way.

“By any measure, it has been a significant period for regulatory reform,” wrote Dan Goldbeck, a research analyst for regulatory policy at the American Action Forum, the center-right policy shop headed by former Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin.

And for those that say “this will make us unsafe”, I ask this time tested economic question:

At what cost?  And when is that cost too much?

(H/T: American Lookout)

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