Sex Trouble: Robert Stacy McCain On Totalitarian Feminism

RSM-20170907Saturday September 9th, Leominster, MA, at the Tang Dynasty Restaurant, The Worcester Tea Party and Pete DaTechGuy hosted Journalist and Author Robert Stacy McCain to give a talk and participate in a panel discussion on Radical Feminism’s war against human nature.

Click to buy the book
Click to buy the book **
Stacy’s book, “Sex Trouble,” details his research, and lays out the facts whereby he hangs the radical feminists (feminazis) with their own words. His bookshelf has more than 100 volumes of femisist writings, spanning several decades – Stacy takes his journalism and research seriously!

After the presentation, Stacy was joined by Dianna Ploss of Act for America to discuss his findings and take audience questions.
Finally, Stacy, Dianna, Pete DatechGuy, Matt and Patrick from the Worcester Tea Party, this Grokster, and radio host John Weston participated in a panel discussion, moderated by DaTechGuy.

First- Stacy’s presentation:

Then Discussion with Dianna Ploss and Q&A:

Finally the panel discussion – pretty lively. I’ll chop it up into segments over the next few days:

And if you learn one thing from Stacy’s work, it should be:

“Feminism Is a Totalitarian Movement to Destroy Civilization as We Know It”

** Cover of the book modified so as not to objectify women break the rules of this blog 😉

Mike Rogers.
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