The results of this poll of Millennials is disturbing

by Skip

debt -generational debt that is

42.3 million Americans are paying back $1.33 trillion in federal student loan debt.

  • A staggering 49.8% of all respondents said they would give up their right to vote in the next two presidential elections in order to have their debt forgiven
  • 43.6% were willing to give up Uber or Lyft forever in exchange for debt forgiveness
  • 42.4% of respondents would also give up traveling outside of the country for 5 years, while
  • 27.0% said they would be willing to move in with their parents for 5 years
  • only 13.2% reported being willing to give up texting and any mobile messaging equivalent for the next year in exchange for having their debt forgiven
  • Only 8.2% of respondents chose to select none of the above and said they would rather keep paying off their student debt

So about 50% would give up their right to vote?  Seriously – one of the most valuable Rights that we as Americans have as citizens?  That hundreds of thousands have given their lives for?  Talk about misguided priorities but it does seem to be in line with the low regard (and knowledge of) how our political system works.

The other factoid that got was that less than 10% have the outlook of “hey, I spent it, I’m responsible for it, and I need to pay it back”.  Americans used to have a lot more of the self-responsibility built into them – but then again, look how far our collective morality has fallen (and is continuing to do so). Why take responsibility when you can shuffle it off to someone else?

(H/T: Credible Labs)

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