Polling is Now ‘Crap’ In Germany

by Steve MacDonald

merkel_facepalmThe militant progressives thought they had a win in Britain until Brexit passed. They didn’t blame the Russians, but the ground was broken for voters keeping secrets from pollsters in significant numbers to avoid being harassed.

Many who wanted to vote for Mr. Trump in 2016 kept silent from friends, family, the militant political left, and pollsters, handing them a stunning defeat (to them) when Hillary had her hat handed to her last November.

Now it’s Germany’s turn as born and bred locals went out in large enough numbers in some districts to vote for candidates in a “far-right” party because no one in the center-left coalition would take them seriously.

(SteynOnlineMeanwhile, having been told there is no alternative, German voters went looking for one and found Alternative für Deutschland. Founded a few months before the last German election, AfD has all the problems that any new party attracts in democratic societies, but it fought a nimble election campaign, with witty and effective advertising. The poster of two lissome lovelies in swimsuits with the tag “Burqas? Here we prefer bikinis” attracted most attention, and caused a fit of the vapors on this side of the Atlantic among the pearl-clutching pajama boys who police American progressivism.

Merkel’s win was inevitable, but AfD’s results were still seismic as they were given enough seats by the German people to break apart an 8-year coalition government. Why? Mark continues,

Last year I spoke to dozens of women who had either been sexually assaulted themselves (in Cologne and elsewhere) or had their daughters assaulted (in public swimming baths) by “refugees”. None were “right-wing”; almost all were liberal and thought of themselves as such. Yet a significant proportion told me they were considering voting AfD because every other party denied there was any issue here, and were insistent, as are the likes of Herr Gabriel, that you can’t even talk about it.

So, if you can’t talk about it, best not to talk about it next time the pollster asks who you’re voting for. Hence the now familiar phenomenon of the “unacceptable” party outperforming its pre-election polls. The shut-up crowd learn nothing.

Welcome to the new world order, of sorts. Voters who are ignored by their elected officials will vote for almost anyone to send a message especially when it comes to refugees and immigration.

Brexit, Trump, and now a message from the German people, that flooding a nation with folks who don’t assimilate comes with not just cultural conflict but political consequences.

Here in America, the left responded to Trump’s win with a litany of excuses and why not. Liberals can’t understand why people don’t agree with them. They understand less when their allies in the media and their pollsters (like them) tell them they do when in reality they don’t.

It has to be the result of chicanery, crime, or skullduggery. Why in the world would voters hide their true intentions?

Obama Era truth squads, media lynchings, the IRS releasing donor lists to leftwing activists, Black Lives Matter and Antifa shutting down political discourse deemed offensive by the left. These are the actions of someone who has no interest in your worldview.

Why in the hell would voters want to keep mum about their political priorities in an atmosphere like that?

(Because they can, at least for now, still vote their conscience in secret.)

Mr. Trump is a sign that the nation is unhappy with the direction of both major parties leadership.

Germany is on board now too. Not that it will make any meaningful difference.

The Democrat response to Trump was more of the same.

The Republican response to Trump was more of the same.

I don’t expect the elites in the Bundestag are capable of learning lessons from their surprising election results either. We should expect more of the same (at least until they can replace the electorate). Which in Germany is what they’ve been doing, a policy whose turning point will put Germany as Germans knew it out to pasture and the European elites with it.


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