Politics – the Left has succeeded in politics everywhere but will they lose the politco-cultural war they started?

by Skip

Star Trek EnterpriseI just had a micro-rant towards TMEW (The Most Esteemed Wife). No, not AT her or ABOUT her – but this headline:

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Cast Takes a Knee After Show’s Premiere

I really wish I had been taping myself – I realized I had a few good lines of ire and now I can’t remember them. Look, I’m a political blogger because I found out the hard way when I was half my present age that people were making decisions about how their actions within the political realm/Government were forcing me and my family to live in certain ways or accept certain things or affecting our family budget. That was the start of my “activation, ” and I said I’d never let that happen. Why should I – or you for that matter? Why do they think they are better at living our lives than us?

For all the time I spend in this realm, believe it or not, I WANT IT TO STAY THERE!!!!!  I AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF IT BEING EVERYWHERE ELSE I COULD JUST PUKE!

But this is where the Left (of the phrase “The Political is the personal; the Personal is Political”) has all but won the political / culture way by POLITICIZING EVERYTHING; I can’t get away from it. There is no break, and that is by design and intent. I admit, because of my hobby (obsession), I am really sensitive to it. There is a need for breaks in this nonsense – and the Left has left me no recourse.

Now, I watched the premiere last night. Heck, I’m old enough to remember watching the premiere of the original series. I learned later that many of the programs were blended cowboy & Indians in space and in watching them now, they were rather political but done in a much more understated way. It was quite clear that with Star Trek: Discovery, this was going to be “in your face” and this reporting tells me (along with this other post, ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Likens Trump Supporters to Racist Klingons) that one of my all-time favorite programs to watch has now been weaponized against folks like me.  Sure, tinges of the Left in the first one but Roddenberry was much more Libertarian in the early ones and so was Harve Bennet.

Whatever happened to escapism for the sake of escapism? I grew up reading all of the Science Fiction that my local branch library had, and when I had run all of that out, I persuaded Mom to take me to the Central branch, and I ran their stock out as well – I think that’s one reason for my vocab later in life and having been introduced to ideas and philosophies well above my grade level(s) at the time (and I was reading two, three, four books a week).

It was a way to escape from life as it was to a life that might be. And now with the Politicization Of Everything, that’s not possible anymore. And I hate it.

And this is one Big Reason why I’ve stopped watching the NFL like a lot of other people. “Shut up and Sing‘ was written by Laura Ingraham and spoke to this exactly – during a concert, I don’t pay good money to hear you sermonize about your Leftist beliefs!  I pay (paid – haven’t been to a concerting for a few years now) to hear you SING and perform. It’s about shucking off the rest of this weary world’s issues for a couple of hours; quit screwing it up.  I stopped going.

I admit – I am a dyed in the wool Conservative (with libertarian leanings) and my beliefs have been set quite firmly for a while.  I’ll listen to what the other side wants to say but only if I get to debate. That doesn’t happen when I’m in a concert seat – or in my chair watching TV. The latter I say nothing because it’s not the right venue (unlike Progressives, I do believe there is a time and place, and a concert is not one of them) and I can only say/yell at the TV with choice words.

Which is why Sunday really outraged me. I gave myself the first two games of the season to watch the Pats games after I told myself that at the first hint of politics when I only wanted to escape with sports for a while, that would be it for the rest of the season. To see them on their knees to support a lie (I can’t count how many times “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” has been debunked) – great, you’ve lost me.

Apparently, the crowd booed them as well with shouts of “Stand Up!  Stand Up!” and I have seen others quit as well.  Ratings are WAY down – even more this short season thus far. And I don’t think it is just about Trump as the MSM would want to have us believe. It started LAST year before the election, but MSM has zeroed in on him since November. Most of the players are also hooked into this meme as well.

They are wrong. Blame Kaepernick, the 49’ers owner and now the league for their rating fiasco. Already, the early estimates are that the ‘nets are going to get a $200 million clawback from the advertisers. Remember, shows and events and the like exist for one and ONLY one reason – get eyeballs. And what’s happening is the opposite of Belechik’s “Do your job” (I’ll dig up the stats later), and they aren’t delivering.

It takes a lot of money, a TON of money, to run that overhead laden league with the payrolls they have.  Losing 20% of their audience is going to hurt and the downward hurdle ain’t over yet. The league has gone full Social Injustice/Social Justice Warrior even though only about 200 of the players out of 1200 on the rosters).

Big mistake. Goodell has lost control because right now, the NFL is not about football. It’s not about sports. Not an insignificant number of their fan base is now convinced of that. They are now known for being about social protest; dear readers, you have NO idea how many tabs I have right now on different aspects of this, Facebook and Twitter are aflame, and all the talking head shows are full on with it.

Yes, they are all talking about Trump but I’m not (at least not yet), but they’re only yakking and yammering about THAT type of politics. I’ll get into it later but I for me, it’s about the elimination of a venue where I used to be able to just put aside things for a while – a break in the routine.

The Left closes in.

At least NASCAR is still safe. Their honchos, the owners, let it be known that if a driver or a member of their crews were to do anything other than be reverent during the National Anthem, they’d be getting their final paycheck in the mail.  They decided that their brand and respect to their fans was more than the latest SJW fad of the day.  They’ve taken the stand that THEIR employees, while on company time, are not going to embarrass the companies these owners built and that is the owners’ right.

Bottom line? This isn’t about the First Amendment – that only applies legally to the Government (and anyone that takes money from it – that old strings attached and all). No one, especially Trump, is taking anyone’s FA Right away (if he was, and if he was the dictator that the Left says he is, they would have been disappeared by now). Trust me on this, as an elected official you don’t have to hang your First Amendment birthright on a hanger when you come in the door; I’ve already fought that battle and won.  That said, that also applies to Trump as well.

I voted for Trump because, well, I’m a #NeverSocialism kind of guy and that’s what Hillary was bringing, but I’m not a huge Trump guy either. But this isn’t a Trump vs. the NFL. This isn’t about race relations either.

It is about respect for the Flag and our veterans. I would be lying if that isn’t part of my calculus in all this – you want to disrespect my two combat vet sons? You want to protest? Be my guest – just don’t do it during the Anthem – that I can tell you!  They fought for your Right to protest – don’t spit on them. I get unhappy when you do – and even the Pats did so yesterday.

Remember “Politics is the Personal” by the Left? Well, as Erick Erickson’s meme says “You will be made to care.” Yes, you’ve made it personal and political. You have made me care but not in the way you figured. And a whole ton of people are starting to understand and agree with it.

It’s not the typical “game on” because it is “Game off” for me. But there is a whole slew of other games that can be played – and they and I will probably be playing them because you won’t stop.

Because this is how you Get More Trump.

Will they lose the political-cultural war they started? Dunno, I really don’t know. I just hope that those that the Progressives are trying to silence will refuse to play their game. Sadly, many will because the punishment is too high that the Left extracts. Me? Don’t care. My job goes away in a couple of weeks (to Mexico and India), and I’m just about at retirement age so I can rely on the question that most of us on the Right should be asking themselves:

What can they really do to me?

For some, a lot but they can’t get us all.  Only you can answer that question for yourself, but I hope that you’ll join me in saying “Not much, so why be silent.”


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