The Obligatory Emmy post: I guess they’re not getting the picture yet

by Skip

Emmy Statue

And is there any wonder why the headline exists?

Total Irrelevance: Trump-Hating Emmys Hit All-Time Ratings Low

…Instead of being the lowest-watched Emmys in its 69-year history, Sunday night’s telecast might be able to squeak into the second-lowest.
As of now, though, it looks as though all that promised Trump-hating resulted in a record low, which is especially shocking (at least to bubbled Hollywood) because last year everyone was certain the bottom had been hit…This news, of course, comes just days after the ratings for the MTV Awards hit their own record low.

What has to be especially galling to Colbert and his fellow social justice glitter-warriors, is that in a country of 330 million, fewer than five percent tuned in, cared to watch even a minute of the show, was not in the least interested in their Big Thinks on issues n’ stuff, including President Trump who, despite the unrelenting hate campaigns from the media and Hollywood, still holds (if you believe the polls) a 40% approval rating.

…As Hollywood has gotten more political, more divisive, more bigoted towards Normal People, and more hateful, take a look at the nuclear fallout. America is more red, more Republican-led than at anytime since Reconstruction. On every level, Democrats have been wiped out of electoral office.

I don’t watch much network tv anymore – why should I?  It seems that without fail, the story lines are all seemingly formulated to one simple “Big Thinks”: Progressives good, Conservatives EVIIIIIL.  At almost every turn, their scripts make it clear they hate people like me and anyone that believes and thinks like me.  WHY would we Normals want to tune into a show to get yet another bashing of our souls?  Take the topic and they’re not just twisting it sideways but throwing in a barrel of knives and other sharp objects in our general direction.

WHY would I waste my eyeball time on them?  Remember, it’s the ads that pay their exorbitant incomes so why would I help that money go to their wallets?  Nope, don’t wanna do it and not gonna do it.  As long as that money flows in, their hate will continue to flow out.  I guess that they’re all in on the Democrat strategy (sorta) that in politics, they can keep a majority with their identity political groups + rich Liberals like them and ignore the rest of us.  Hollywood is bound and determined that the same groups are sufficient to keep them in their McMansions, private jet trips, and yachts excursions.

I guess it’s like a drunk that hasn’t sobered up yet (and I am the son of an Irish drunk) – they haven’t hit bottom to realize that insulting and making sport (and MEAN sport at that) of half their audience is not a pathway to success.

And that’s all that Sunday’s broadcast of them celebrating them turned out to be – a hate fest of anyone that “isn’t them”.  Look, I like decent jokes and am the butt of them from time to time.  Good ones, regardless if I’m the target or not, I’ll laugh.  However, from what I read of what I refused to watch, well, I would have thrown some sharp objects at my TV.  Almost everyone took a shot at Trump – and those that voted for him.

Last time I looked, that was the majority of the folks who mattered in the Electoral College.

I ask again: am I that much of a masochist that I’d put myself through that?

Er, no.   So no eyeballs from me.

But the question is, are there any folks in Hollywood’s Leftist clan that are starting to ask the question of not just Left turn but the hatred they’re engendering?  Or is this just the natural outcome of the Left having taken this Rampart of the Popular Culture – implosion?

(H/T: Big Hollywood)

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