Notable Quote – John P. Warren

by Skip

…Those imperfections are key to our continual search for true north beneath all the stars of good and evil. Those who forced our birth in 1776, carried with them bigotry and brutality, class and criminality. Yet, propelled as they were by a natural law embedded within them by an Almighty God, they struggled toward that more perfect union we still seek today.

Progressives do not see it that way, however. For them, it all gets down to one and only one principle for them: Government or God.

To make their world a reality, they must topple God, his Commandments, and the natural law undergirding our social mores. Slowly, surely, they have lured us from the pews into a segmented milieu where an hour of weekly worship is erased in favor self-absorption. Would that Sunday morning’s runners, ball-players, video games players, and social media mavens remember our dependence upon Him who gave us life, and act like it! Ironically, progressives have made self the current god in order to force their common good upon us all when disunity so fragments us we crave their solution to chaos.

It helps the progressive drive to topple those, too, who have been our heroes, especially when those icons were firm believers in a Divine Providence, even when disastrous personas, such as Harvey and Irma, have visited their horrors upon us.

Most of us understand the likes of Washington and Jefferson were far from perfect in perceiving the better direction pointing in their compasses…

As progressives strive to tear down icons of national greatness, they condemn them for their lack of moral perfection, and grant themselves liberties with notions truth and justice, while their compass needles wobble far from those certitudes given us by the Almighty. Progressives can’t have an Almighty God in the picture, we must understand, because in their view of things, it’s the state that is all-powerful, is the grantor of goodies, the bestower of bennies, the all-wise central planner for their vision of the common good: control of climate, personal freedoms (speech, assembly, religion, the media, and the right to bear arms), family size, health care mandates, wages, and when full power is achieved, the optimum age of individual departure.

-John P. Warren

(H/T: Townhall)

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