Liberal Objection to Google’s Power Never Translates to their Obsession With Government

Big Brother CallingGizmodo like most liberal mouthpieces, worries about the overreaching power of monopolistic behemoths like Google.

Google started out as a company dedicated to ensuring the best access to information possible, but as it’s grown into one of the largest and most profitable companies in the world, its priorities have changed. Even as it fights against ordinary people who want their personal histories removed from the web, the company has an incentive to suppress information about itself.

Without ever equating the same traits to liberals or liberal ideas about the role of government.

Not to detract from the reporting quoted. It’s a good piece worth your time. But keep in mind that most of the people involved will likely be liberals or liberal journalists backfilling Democrat party narratives at every opportunity.

It’s a bit ridiculous to worry about Google’s power to control the message without having a similar concern for the media itself or the bureaucratic and political class power-brokers it protects.