Irony Alert! DNC Spends More Than it Takes In

by Steve MacDonald

dollarThe Democrat National Committee continues to reap a “windfall” from their ongoing Blame Russia™ and “People who don’t vote Democrat are White Supremacists” narratives as donors flock to write checks in support of …wait! It’s just the opposite.

The DNC raised just $4.4 million last month, the second lowest August fundraising figure for the party in the past decade. The party had less cash on hand at the end of the month than it did at the beginning, as its spending outpaced its fundraising by $44,575.

Democrats spending more than they take in?  You don’t say?

The Washington Free Beacon reports that,

…it gets worse. The DNC’s debt substantially increased from $3.4 million to $4.1 million, a figure equal to about 60 percent of the committee’s total cash on hand.

Party officials predicted in August that DNC fundraising figures would start to turn around, explaining that its fundraising staff was ten times bigger than it had been at the beginning of the year.

So they added ten times the staff and got worse results?

The Party of Trump (most days but not all), on the other hand, despite all the negative press (maybe no one was watching), “raised $7.3 million in August. It has $45.9 million in cash on hand, and no debts owed.”

But don’t worry. The Democrat leadership is sharpening its message.

Bernie Sanders, whom Democrats like but don’t want as their President, just gave a foreign policy speech (something likely presidential candidates do) in which he went to the left of Obama–a place neither Americans nor the DNC wanted to go in 2016.

While Nancy Pelosi keeps the health-care fires burning by forgetting her own rhetoric:

To which one tweeter responded appropriately,

They do still have the full-throated support of the media (and their 24/7/365 propaganda war to spin anything they can come up with that might separate Trump from his supporters), their own undying support for Antifa, a toxic hatred of rural white voters, and EMILY’s list to hold their pointy political heads above the ‘rising’debt waters.

That’s something.


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