Data Point – Are you ready?

by Skip

National Preparedness MonthWith hurricane Harvey and Irma sucking up most of the cable news programs and it also being National Preparedness Month, I figured a coupla more data points might get someone’s attention that otherwise is part of that group that goes “Disaster??!?!?  Quick, get to the grocery store / gas station!”.

  • Stat 1: Federal spending on disasters increased 6698% from 1953 to 2009 (1)
    Stat 2: Only 39% of individuals have a basic emergency plan (2)
  • Stat 3: 75% of health care workers claim to be unprepared (2)
  • Stat 4: 44% of Americans don’t have first-aid kits in their homes (3)
  • Stat 5: The survival rate for CPR has been calculated at 20% (4)
  • Stat 6: 42% of Americans do not know an immediate family members phone number (5)
  • Stat 7: Over half of Americans do not have copies of their critical documents (3)

Disaster Resilience: A National Imperative (Print Book) by National Academies, Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy.
FEMA surveys
CDC surveys
AHA statistics
Pew Research Center

We’re lucky here in the Northeast this time around – normally a lot of the hurricanes will come up the east coast or those that go straight north will curve east and hit us later which is what I thought Irma was going to go (still might but models are showing a slant west-wise).  And with Jose sticking to the east we’re getting another break with models saying that it will be turning east and going out to sea.

Doesn’t mean that you all shouldn’t have enough stuff on hand to protect and provide for your families for a while – we’ll get a couple blizzards this winter so get ready now for then!

(H/T: True Prepper)

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