Amherst College Republicans taunted with ‘KKK’ flyers

First-Year Quad Pano (1) 1000x368 Amherst CollegeIf there was ever such a thing as a hate crime could this be that?

The first Amherst College Republicans meeting of the year was targeted by flyers taped to the windows of the meeting space saying, “THIS IS OUR CAMPUS, NOT THE KLAN’S.”

The group claims on its Facebook page that “while the flyers are related to another incident on campus that happened September 5, the deliberate placement of the text facing the room where it was known an ACR meeting was occurring leads us to suppose this is an accusation of ACR being connected to the KKK.”

Labeling groups of people with whom you may disagree something as awful as that sounds narrow-minded, biased, discriminatory, and (don’t hold your breath) contrary to the school’s inclusion and diversity mumbo-jumbo.

Of course, the value of diversity at Amherst is best revealed not simply in the numbers, but in the students behind the numbers and what they bring to our community—the qualitative, not just quantitative aspects of diversity. No matter where you’re from, no matter what your background, at Amherst you’ll meet some people who are like you and some who are not like you. This exposure to students from many different backgrounds, with unique experiences and perspectives, enriches education and personal development in our classrooms, our residence halls and our students organizations.

So labeling Amherst College Republicans Racist haters enriches education and personal development?

College President Biddy Martin “…came here for many of the same reasons you did…

“I came because of [Amherst’s] commitment to a student body that reflects the rich diversity of the country, indeed the world. I came, as you did, to contribute in some way to making Amherst even better, and to figuring out what it might mean, here as elsewhere, to take full advantage of the diversity you represent.”

The rich diversity of the country except for Amherst College Republicans (ACR).

And then there’s this from the Diversity Statement.

As we celebrate the diversity Amherst has assembled, it is equally important to acknowledge the challenges that accompany it and to be strategic in our efforts to help students balance the need for familiarity and comfort with the fundamental educational need to explore, risk discomfort, and allow change.

So there’s a fundamental need to risk making Republicans uncomfortable and allow them to change.

Got it.

For the source article and ACR’s response visit Campus Reform.